Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Thursday is one of our seven favorite days of the week. And there are a lot of reasons for that. One is that it's the day of the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge, hosted by the always fantastic Angel Sammy and Teddy.

These days, our hosts give us a photo prompt each week, and we use that prompt to write a poem. Isn't that fun? We certainly think so! The photo prompt for this week's poem is this adorable one here:

My mind ran a little rampant on this one. I ended up with a bit of a random and rambling and ridiculously long poem, which you can read below.

The Adventures of Arlo and Alfie

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Arlo.
His mother asked what he wanted for his sixth birthday tomorrow.
A dog for a best friend was Arlo's only request.
He knew a puppy's love would come without protest.

The next day arrived,
And Arlo's mother said she had for him a surprise.
"Let us take a short trip," his mother did say.
And so into the car Arlo hopped without delay.

They arrived at a building labeled SHELTER.
Arlo spelled that out and knew their destination could not be sweller.
Inside they found a great many pups,
All adorable and cute and not a one did Arlo want to pass up.
He wished he could take each and every one of them home.
But then Arlo saw one little mutt who looked most sad and alone.

Over to this pup's cage Arlo did wander.
But the poor pup merely stayed in its sad little corner.
ALFIE was the name displayed on his cage.
And, just like Arlo, six was his age.

"What's the matter, boy?" Arlo asked.
A sad little glance was all that Alfie did cast.
Arlo wondered, "How many times have you been passed?"
Arlo wished to know why this sweet pup might be seen as an outcast.
And then Arlo lowered his eyes,
And saw something that was quite a surprise.

Alfie had but only three legs.
Arlo gasped, "Is that why people turn their heads?"
Then he stood tall and proud and to Alfie did say,
"But look here, boy, we're one in the same!"
Raising the leg of his pants and smiling wide,
Arlo revealed that he, too, had only one leg on which to stride.

It was then that Aflie did leave his sad little corner,
And with a wag of his tail he took a step foward.
"Alfie, boy, you're coming home with me,"
Arlo did tell him with boundless glee.

But that was only just this story's beginning.
Arlo and Alfie filled every second thereafter with much fun and grinning.
With imagination and wit abounding,
They every day went on adventures most astounding.

Outside they would go into their courtyard,
Where Alfie was a prince and Arlo his bard,
They built a castle for their kingdom,
Where Alfie reigned with Arlo his wingman.

When they grew tired of life as royals,
Arlo and Alfie set out to rid a dragon of its spoils.
It was indeed on that very day they became knights,
And together that great dragon they did battle and fight.
In their suits of armor and holding their swords,
They conquered each and every land of their little world.

But some days life as a knight seemed quite dull,
And it was then that Arlo and Alfie would take on a different roll.
Some days they were cops,
And together bad guys they would stop.
Other days they were robbers,
But of course they only stole with a great deal of honor.

Other days Arlo and Alfie's adventures were at sea,
Where mighty pirates together they would be.
They would hop in their boat and head out on their pond,
Sailing here and there to find stolen treasure with which to abscond.
At the end of the day, to land they would return.
And for their next adventure they would already yearn.

Arlo and Alfie were truly the best friends that friends could be,
And during their adventures they learned what in life was truly key.
You can be anything you want to be.
It does not matter if you have one leg or three.
It matters what's inside, not what you see.


Hello, furry friends! It's me Thimble here now. Yesterday, pup Astrid did a fun little questionnaire that none other than Stunning CK shared on her blog. Today, it's my turn to answer them. So, now you'll get to learn more about me. Enjoy!

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Ham baby food - my favorite treat!

2. Where was your header pic taken? I helped my mom draw it in her sketchbook. She needs all the help she can get.

3. Worst pain you ever felt? I had a UTI last year that hurt so bad I wanted to hide even from my mommy. I'm all better now!

4. Favorite place you've traveled? Traveling means the PTU, so no thank you.

5. How late did you stay up last night? I took a nap from 10 pm to 3 am, and drowned my mommy in cuddles before and after that.

6. If you could move, where to? Nowhere, thank you. I love my home.

7. What do you collect? Toys. I store them beneath the couch.

8. Which of your blogging friends lives the closest? Laila and Minchie live pretty close to us!

9. Amusement park or concert? I like to turn our house into an amusement park every evening.

10. When was the last time you cried? I cried at the living room wall last night. I do that every night. It confuses my mommy, and that's funny.

11. Who took your header photo? Remember #2? My mom's hand scribbled it up, with my help.

12. Who's the last person you took a photo with? I prefer to be photographed alone, thank you. A model should always be the one and only star of her photos.

13. What's your favorite season? As long the reception for Squirrel TV is good, I don't care what season it is.

14. If you could have any career, what would it be? I'm already a professional model.

15. Do you think relationships are ever worth it? I love my mommy. She does my bidding, just as I trained her to do. So, yes!

16. If you could talk to anyone right now, who would it be? I'm not much of a talker. Except, see #10 above.

17. Are you a good influence? Of course I am! Just look at me!

18. Does pineapple belong on pizza? I don't like pizza. Actually, I don't like any human food. Except baby food. And flour. I will eat flour.

19. You have the remote, what are you watching? I don't care what channel it's on, as long as I get the front row seat.

20. Whom do you think will play along? Whoever wants to! Eddy is answering these questions tomorrow here on my our blog.

Oh, and since I reminded you all of what a wonderful model I am, here are some gorgeous shots from my most recent photo shoot.

See? Don't I have the whole posing and adorable face thing down purrfectly?

Now that you've gotten to see my cute face, I want to say what all I'm thankful for as part of Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

All of us here really are grateful for so much. First, we are thankful for friends like CK who give us fun things to do, like the fun questionnaire I did above. We are also of course beyond thankful for friends like Brian, who gives us this wonderful blog hop of thankfulness each week. And, we hope it goes without saying that we are so, so thankful for each and every one of you!

We hope you enjoyed our post today, and we're wishing you all a terrific Thursday!


Our Tip of the Day:
Our last two tips have revolved around the kitchen, and today we want to give you another obvious yet also very important one. And that is, please do be sure to keep potentially dangerous kitchen utensils out of your furbaby's reach. For example, try to keep all knives and other similarly sharp objects off of the counters, or at least in a portion of the kitchen where your kitty or pup cannot reach. Even if the knives are in a knife holder, it is possible for them to be knocked loose or otherwise removed, such as by curious paws. This could obviously lead to potential injuries. If you instead keep your knives in a drawer or cabinet, of course be sure that your furbaby is unable to open that drawer or cabinet. And of course, as you surely know, never leave a knife that's in use on the counter unattended. Even knives drying in the drainer could be dangerous for furbabies who might end up on the counter and nearby. Long story short, always be cognizant of where you place or store potentially dangerous items, and ensure your furbaby's safety. You can tuck away knives and other similar utensils in safe places, or you can make the kitchen or portions of it off limits to your kitty or pup. Whatever it takes, keep your furbaby safe!


Brian said...

That was a most wonderful poem and terrific answers to the CK Challenge pretty Thimble! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

What a beautiful poem! It brought tears to my eyes.
Those are lovely photos, Thimble, and you did a good job answering the questions.

pilch92 said...

I LOVE the poem, that would make a great children's book. Very cute drawing to go worth it. Thimble, you are a gorgeous model. I liked learning more about you. I think it is funny that you meow at the wall. My Lucy used to have me thinking I had a ghost in the front hall. Excellent tip about utensils too.

Eastside Cats said...

Got leaky eyes, reading your poem! Thimble, you are adorable and I want to smooch your face!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That poem brought tears to my eyes...bravo! And Thimble, loved your answers and those photos are just gorgeous!

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thimble you are a wonderful model and we loved your poem.

Marg said...

What a fantastic poem. Well done. Thimble, you did such a good job posing. We really like those pictures. You all have a wonderful day.

Katie and The Katz said...

Thimble you are indeed gorgeous with the bestest sweet kitty pose! We love your poem - so sweet and leaky eyed. -Katie the Mom

You sure you don't likes pizza? It good with chicken. -Lil Bear.
We loves your poem cause we am thankful that my family gotted caught and my siblings got fixed yesfurday! Could you purr them? We needs dat. -Chiquita.

The Island Cats said...

Aw, that poem was the best. And Thimble...we enjoyed reading your answers to those questions. We got to know you a little better!

Cathy Keisha said...

Whoa! Those are great answers! Thanks for playing along, Thimble. Nice to know what makes you tick. I've got to start stealing stuff around here too. TW says me staring at a wall once and took a pic. There was a ghost in the pic staring back at me.