Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Thank goodness it's Thursday! Why? Because Thursday means fun times are in store. We'll start with the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge, hosted by Angel Sammy and Teddy.

Each week, our hosts give us a photo prompt to guide us on our poetic endeavors. The mesmerizing photo for this week is this one here:

Though I could sense a macabre nature to this image, it also gave me a fantastical feel. Honestly, it made me think of fairy tales, like those about Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. That's why, for this week's poem, I decided to simply start off with a classic fairy tale line, and then just see where the rhyming led me after that. I can tend to get a bit wordy, which is probably why I ended up with this really, really long poem here:

True Love's Kiss

Once upon a time, there was a princess.
Let's be honest, folks, she was hopeless.
Of course, she was the so-called "fairest of them all".
She was beautiful, lived in a castle, and blah blah blah.
Honestly, the princess's life was no grand story.
She was a damsel in distress, and that's just downright boring.

Here, let us catch you up on it all.
It began when a witch showed up outside the castle wall.
The witch wanted the princess's beauty to claim as her own,
Which made the king fume as he sat on his throne.
Not one to take "no" for an answer,
The witch entered the castle in the form of a hamster.

To a hidden tower the witch then smuggled the princess,
And muttered a spell so that with beauty she herself would be blessed.
But, the witch was an amateur at best,
And that's why all she did was make a royal mess.
Her plan was to be a beauty rather than a crone.
Instead, the witch turned the princess into stone.

But, the witch wasn't one to give up on her dreams,
And so she put out an ad to all serfs, squires, kings, and queens.
Surely true love's kiss would turn the princess less stony and cold.
After all, isn't that how it goes in all the stories of old?

Anyway, like we said, the princess was a bust.
She got herself kidnapped and was left to collect dust.
And that is why she is not the focus of this story.
After all, reading about a slab of stone really is boring.

So, let's tell this tale from the other end of the spectrum.
Now, let's see, this side of the story begins with a breadcrumb.
It was dropped by the princess and eaten by a mutt of a stray.
Thereafter, the princess ate breakfast in the gardens with the mutt every day.

The mutt waited in the gardens each morn for the princess to pass through.
Until, one day, she stopped showing up with eggs, bacon, and stew.
After all, if you remember, the princess was off being a statue.
The mutt, though, he happened to be really quite shrew,
And so he immediately went off to find himself a clue.

The news was still more or less hot off the press,
But it nevertheless was being thrown about with little finesse.
The butcher was out in the street, cleaver in hand.
"I will be the princess's savior!" he shouted from where he did stand.
"Nay! I am the one for the job!" came from the baker.
"More likely it's I," declared the candlestick maker.

Skirting the feuding workers out in the street,
The mutt traversed the cobblestone on his four little feet.
So, the princess was in some sort of trouble?
Now the mutt just needed to sort out the rest of the puzzle.

Figuring it out, actually, proved not all that tough.
After all, the village folk were discussing it in a right old huff.
The mutt now knew at least half of the truth.
It would seem a witch wanted the princess's youth.
So, she had locked the girl up in a secret tower all alone.
Oh, and somehow the princess was now made of stone?

According to the ads put out by the witch,
She now needed someone to help the princess make the switch.
After all, the witch couldn't steal beauty and youth from a rock,
So she needed the princess's true love before too many turns of the clock.
Apparently true love's kiss would turn the princess back?
It sounded strange to the mutt, but he'd start with that.
Of course, the princess would in turn be offered as treasure.
Oh, and gold was being offered by the witch for good measure.

With all of that now figured out,
The mutt realized a new hitch was floating about.
Who on earth could the princess's true love be?
And where was this tower to where, with the princess, the witch did flee?

It would seem that fortune was shining down on the mutt,
For right by him an armored knight then did strut.
He declared something or other about rescuing the king's daughter,
Apparently he knew of a secluded tower just past the river's water.
Surely that was where the princess of stone was being kept,
And so that was in the direction the mutt was then swept.

The mutt followed the knight from a very safe distance.
You never knew when a man with a sword might threaten your existence.
So, through the village and to a forest the mutt stalked the knight,
Never letting him escape his keen canine sight.

Trees and more trees were all around,
Until, finally, the mutt heard the roaring river's sound.
The bridge to the other side seemed miles and miles away,
But he had followed the knight there by the end of the day.

 Wasting no time and risking no competition,
The knight made haste and continued on his mission.
Indeed, there stood a tower just beyond where the river did flow,
And in its wall was a window out of which a light did glow.

After crossing the bridge, the knight did proclaim,
"Hark! Is this where can be found the royal dame?"
The warty face of a woman appeared in the window,
And she immediately pointed to the wooden door below.

Again, the mutt silently followed in the knight's trail,
So that no one caught sight of him or his tail.
The knight entered the tower, with the mutt sneaking behind.
Then up the tower's stairs the knight and mutt did climb.

Up and up and up they ascended to the top,
Where indeed they found a witch when they did stop.
Across that tiny room there was also a bed,
Where the princess, now stone, rested her head.

Wasting no time in the matter at hand,
The witch pointed to the knight who in his armor did stand.
The witch asked, "Are you the princess's true love I have sought?"
The knight shrugged and answered, "Sure, why not?"

The man strutted over to the princess in her bed,
And pecked the cold cheek of her statuesque head.
The witch and knight both held their breath,
For so long that surely they were now nearing death.
Finally, gasping, the witch waved a finger at the knight.
"How dare you lie to me when I'm in such a plight!"

The mutt could then not help but huff and ruff.
He had simply, quite frankly, now had enough.
He let himself be known to the two fools in the room,
And then to the bed he did dash and zoom.

The mutt needed the princess to awaken, and now.
This situation was starting to make him furrow his brow.
First he tried giving the princess a nudge,
But on his nose the stony statue simply left a smudge.
He tried pawing and barking and breathing in her face,
But none of those returned the princess to her original grace.
With no other options saving the princess from a stony fate,
The mutty slapped his tongue across the stone girl's face.

Suddenly, the royal statue let out a groan,
And the princess then shook off all of that stone.
She had now finally awoken in that bed,
Over the pillow cascading her hair of red.

Looking all around, the princess let out a gasp.
"Oh dear, did I fall asleep?" she then asked.
Happy to have his breakfast buddy back,
The mutt answered with a woof and a mighty tail wag.
"Oh, hello there, good boy!" the princess exclaimed.
"What are you doing here in this strange place?"

Before long, the princess learned of the recent events,
And to the castle dungeons the witch was immediately sent.
As for the mutt, his was most certainly a happily ever after.
From that day, he lived in the castle with the new name of Jasper.

I know this one doesn't star a kitty, as most of my poems do. I apologize to all of our feline friends, therefore, if this one is a bit out of your comfort zone. But, this week's poem is in part for pup Astrid, as she was pretty adamant that my lack of pup poetry was getting rather unjust. Also, one of my childhood angel pups, Shellie, sort of inspired this poem. Why? Because that pup of mine was a diehard licker. If her kisses could have turned people from stone, this world would have been one great big warm and fuzzy place thanks to her.


Don't worry, we didn't forget that we always give you a dose of Thimble on Thursdays.

You may or may have not have guessed that Thimble is also, of course, participating in Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Her picture up there is a hint as to what Thimble is grateful for this week. Indeed, she is thankful for pretty whiskers and window views. As always, though, all of us here are also so very thankful for every single one of you.


Last but not least, we're here to give you the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. The best teacher I ever had was _________.

2. The worst teacher I ever had was _________.

3. I recently learned how to _________.

4. I think everyone should know how to _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Our Tip of the Day:

We're on our final tips in our series about kitty vet visits. Today's tip doesn't directly relate to the physical act of taking your cat to the vet, but it still can play a part in those vet visits. What we're talking about are a variety of ways that might help you pay vet bills. We have a number of thoughts on this topic, and so this will be a long one.

So, let's start with pet insurance. As most of you likely already know, you can indeed get insurance for your furbabies. Just as with humans, there are a variety of companies and policies to choose from, and so pet insurance can certainly involve some research in order to determine the best coverage for your furbaby. In the end, though, this research and the resulting coverage you select can potentially save you money. For example, depending on the policy you choose, you could possibly save a large sum of money in the event of an unexpected pet emergency that is at least partially covered by your pet's insurance.

All of the above being said, when it comes to pet insurance, do try to think ahead. If you are interested in starting your furbaby on a policy, perhaps do so when they're still young and healthy. One reason for this is that some companies and policies make it difficult, or even impossible, to acquire coverage for an animal who is already geriatric or sick. So, early on, consider the benefits you might obtain from pet insurance, do your research, and then do what is best for you and your furbaby.

Besides pet insurance, another option is CareCredit. CareCredit is a credit card that can be used to pay medical bills, such as vet bills. Just like pet insurance, this one will likely require some research to ensure it is a good fit. For example, not all vet clinics accept CareCredit as a means of payment. Therefore, you would want to find out if your preferred vet accepts CareCredit before applying for it.

In addition to all of the above, if needed, some vet clinics also allow for payment plans. Some vets are especially willing to do this for clients in good standing, and who have proven trustworthy and who have shown a willingness and ability to pay for funds in a timely manner. If you have large furry family, if you are faced with a pet emergency, or if there are other such circumstances, perhaps consider discussing with your veterinarian the possibility of making payments to cover your furbaby's bills. If you do so, of course also ensure that you understand all of the terms, and that you are able to make payments on time and in agreement with the payment plan.

One last idea we're sharing today is to simply do your best to have some sort of "pet emergency fund" in which you save money over time. Such a fund can come in handy especially if you do not have pet insurance or CareCredit, and if you don't use a payment plan at your vet clinic. Accidents and emergencies can indeed happen, and they can happen when you least expect it. What's more, resulting vet bills can potentially start racking up. So, if and when possible, try to determine ways to save even just a little money each week or month in order to contribute to a "pet emergency fund", so that you won't be left scrambling to find funds for your furbaby. Ways to save a little extra for such a fund might mean cutting back on eating out, cutting back on the number of coffees you buy, cutting back on your clothes spending, or cutting back on other luxuries. Rest assured, though, that passing on a special luxury or two is well worth it for your furbaby's health and happiness.

Furbabies make wonderful companions, but they are also, admittedly, not free. They require care, just like humans do, and that care does come with a cost. Therefore, always include your furbabies in your budget or other financing plans. This might require some research and money-saving measures, but our furbabies are always worth it.


Lone Star Cats said...

Luv da poem!

Marg said...

That poem is just super. Well done. Thimble, you are looking mighty good today. Have a great Thursday.

Eastside Cats said...

Just 'cause we all love cats, doesn't mean we don't enjoy a good doggy story! Terrific poem, and although I think about pet insurance once in awhile, I cannot bring myself to get it.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Such a fabulous poem and wonderful whiskers sweet Thimble! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Pam and Teddy said...

What a totally magical and very enchanted story inspired by the photo this week. I too thought of Sleeping Beauty when I saw the photo in the first place; the proverbial "Rest In Peace".....I love the story you tell - you have the MOST creative mind dear friend!!! Thanks for playing with us on Thursdays - and of course Thimble looks as gorgeous as ever.

Love, Pam and Teddy too

Kitties Blue said...

Definitely, another epic poem, and we are particularly glad for a happy ending. We don't blame Astrid for complaining about the lack of dog poetry. Oh, and the doodle...purrfection ,of course. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

The Island Cats said...

We love your poem...even if it doesn't involve cats. ;) We'll let Astrid have this one. :)

pilch92 said...

That was an excellent poem even if it didn't include a cat. I think of Astrid as a big kitty :) Cute drawing too. And excellent tips, it is so sad when a pet has to suffer and choices in care need to be made based on dollar amounts instead of the best treatment.

messymimi said...

Very fun poem, i like that Jasper.

Thimble is looking mighty good there.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Your poetry is truly something are talented in many areas beyond words!

M Dawson said...

An inspirational picture and a beautiful portrait of Thimble. You do cool poems!