Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

We're certainly happy to be here today. Then again, we're happy to be here every day. After all, you friends of ours are here! But, today is an extra fun day, because it sort of turned it into an homage to our favorite season and holiday. Let's start our explanation with Angel Sammy and Teddy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge.

Each week, our hosts share a photo prompt to help guide us on our poetic endeavors. This week's photo might very well be one of this here human's favorites.

My favorite season is autumn, and that there photo is all sorts of autumnal. That's not all, though. That image immediately reminded me of one or two scenes from the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow, which is based on one of my favorite Halloween stories, that of course being Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".

So, indeed, the concept behind Sleepy Hollow very vaguely inspired my poem this week. As per usual, though, my version ended up way more weird and wacky than the original concepts that inspired it. I can't really think of any other way to explain this strange rhyme, so I'll just go on ahead and share it here.

Sleepy Howl

Sleepy Howl was so very, well, sleepy.
Rising and shining made his hounddog eyes weepy.
He did not wish to rise and shine, no.
But, now autumn, to school he must go.

Sadly, the first day of classes rolled around.
To Sleepy Howl, his alarm clock was a devilish sound.
He wailed and howled when it rang and screamed.
This would be the worst day ever, it seemed.

Sad and tired, Sleepy Howl rolled out of bed.
He wished his pillow were still cradling his head.
It was nothing but sleep that Sleepy Howl wanted,
But, with the prospect of school he was confronted.

Sleepy Howl did dawdle and mosey,
Leaving behind his bed that looked so cozy.
His mother had cooked him a breakfast of eggs,
But he could barely stomach them knowing the day ahead.
Really, couldn't he just go back to bed?
Of course, his mother said no with a shake of her head.

And so, out the door Sleepy Howl finally dragged his feet,
His heels sadly plodding along the cold stone street.
The leaves on the trees were gold, orange, and yellow,
And their whispers in the wind sounded so very mellow.
Sleepy Howl knew exactly how those leaves did feel.
This gloomy day was, in no way, ideal.

As Sleepy Howl walked to school not long after dawn,
He was plagued over and over with yawn after yawn.
Sleepy Howl let out a disgruntled ruff and a huff,
As he finally decided that enough was enough.

Sleepy Howl knew that he would soon come upon a park.
And in his mind a lovely idea that thought did spark.
After all, at the edge of the park stood an old wooden bench,
And there, he could nap and his sleepiness quench!

With the promise of that bench and a nice little snooze,
Sleepy Howl's pace quickened as down the street he did cruise.
The sky hung grey and fog had begun to roll in,
But the glow of the park's lamp brought to Sleepy Howl's face a grin.

He was now nearly jogging to the park up ahead,
Where that blessed bench would make for him a nice little bed.
But then, goodness no, Sleepy Howl hoped he was mistaken.
Was that blessed bench already taken?

Indeed, sitting on the bench was something big, orange, and round.
But, wait, didn't pumpkins belong on the ground?
Why was that squash even resting on the bench?
In Sleepy Howl's plans it was putting a great big wrench.

Sleepy Howl so very badly wanted that nap.
Was there no one around to take their pumpkin back?
Sleepy Howl then looked all around,
And he listened for any hint of a sound.
It was difficult to see through all that fog, though,
Or to hear over the skittering leaves that the wind did blow.

With hopes that the pumpkin's owner wouldn't mind,
Sleepy Howl picked up the squash in a manner quite kind.
But, suddenly, out of his hands the pumpkin did hop.
Sleepy Howl jumped back until into a tree he did plop.

That was when Sleepy Howl saw what he had not before seen.
He now noticed that this pumpkin did glow and gleam.
This pumpkin, you see, someone had carved it.
Inside, a candle's flame did flicker and flit,
Blowing whichever way the wind did spit.

Wishing to get a better look at this very jack-o'-lantern,
Sleepy Howl gave the pumpkin just a slight little turn.
Well, would you look at that!
This pumpkin was carved into a cat!

What gave it away were those carved whiskers.
In earnest, though, they weren't even the real kicker.
Did pumpkins always have pointed ears up top?
Sleepy Howl was certain that, no, they did not.

Oh dear, had Sleepy Howl spoken out loud?
For, suddenly, the pumpkin cat did sound,
"Now, boy, don't be silly.
The answer to that is quite simple, really,
There isn't all that much to my ears,
Certainly nothing to spur any fears.
Really, don't find yourself filled with dread.
My triangular eyes were simply stabbed into my head."

Well, that would explain the ears, yes.
But, now Sleepy Howl wished to be rid of this mess.
After all, the pumpkin cat's eyes glowed more and more red.
For all Sleepy Howl knew, it wanted him dead.

And so, Sleepy Howl ducked tail and ran,
Never again would he concoct such a napping plan.
That bench was now just downright scary.
Returning there could result in a situation far too hairy.

I realize my poem took a bit of a dark turn there at the end. My apologies. To be honest, though, I do sort of have a reason for that pumpkin cat's slightly terrifying tale. Last year, I carved what I like to call a cat-o'-lantern. To give it ears, I took the triangular eye cut-outs and used toothpicks to, indeed, stab them onto its head.

In fact, we're going to go all throwback on this Thursday and share a couple photos of that cat-o'-lantern from last year.

Do you see model Thimble back there, helping showcase our cat-o'-lantern from last year?

These throwback photos also, in fact, relate to both Thimble's and this here human's sentiments for Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Both Thimble and I are thankful that autumn is, at least supposedly, just around the corner. All things autumn and Halloween are well-loved at our house. In fact, did you see the bits of Halloween decor near Thimble in her throwback photo up there? She's looking forward to meeting up with those little fellas again. After all, she just downright loves to slap them around.

And, of course, our Thankful Thursday wouldn't be complete without us expressing our gratitude for every single one of you. Thank you, friends, for indeed being fantastic friends!


Last but not least, we're here to give you the fill-in statements in preparation for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. The first two are from the mind of Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I came up with the second two.

1. Being _________ is _________.

2. If _________ were worth money, then I would be rich.

3. I am proud of _________.

4. If I could time travel, I would visit the year _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Our Tip of the Day:

Today's autumn pet safety tip is a short and simple one, and that is to keep up with those preventatives. Even as the weather cools in the autumn, and even winter, it is possible for there to be days and conditions that allow for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites to survive. Bites or infestations of certain parasites can potentially lead to a variety of diseases or other medical concerns, some of them life-threatening. In order to better ensure that your kitty or pup remains healthy and happy, therefore, do consider administering their preventatives year-round.


Lone Star Cats said...

Pawsome poem! And we luv da Cat O'Lantern.

My momma LUVS Halloween too.

Pam and Teddy said...

What a wonderful tale with Sleepy Howl! We had a feeling that old bench photo would bring some interesting poetry and this didn't disappoint. It's a fun poem-story and we just love it. Fall is our favorite time of the year too - the smells of autumn - fires in the fireplace, leaves falling, etc. - very inspiring and cozy. My Mom says your cat-o-lantern is tons better than the ones she's carved for years now. We might be "COPY CATS" !!

Hugs, Teddy

Carry Loves Cats said...

Fantastic Cat-O-Lantern!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Such a terrific poem and a grand cat-o-lantern, although you don't seem too sure about it sweet Thimble! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Marg said...

What a great pumpkin and love the poem.You all have a fantastic day.

Eastside Cats said...

A cute poem! Sometimes scary teaches us things that common sense won't!

Erin the Cat Princess said...

We loves the pumpkin cat, it rocks and not half as scary as other pumpkins. Autumn comes but once a year, and whilst sad is also colourful and alive and active before the sleepy drama that is winter.
We are grateful that autumn is here too, only really because summer was so very hot and horrid. Be we are grateful we had a summer as usually it just rains and rains and rains....
Toodle pips and purrs

pilch92 said...

I always love your poetry and this one is no exception. As you know, I also love fall and Halloween and Sleepy Hollow too. Great drawing and tip. And you did an excellent job with that pumpkin.

The Island Cats said...

We love that cat pumpkin. The expression on its face makes it not scary at all. Great poem always.

messymimi said...

The Cat-O-Lantern certainly dispelled Sleepy Howl’s sleepiness!

It is going to be nice to have cooler temps in the coming months.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Brilliant! Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my all-time favorite stories too. And we adored your cat o'lantern last year!!!