Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Adventures with Astrid: Oh Where Is Santa Paws?

We're getting closer and closer to Christmas, and Astrid's on the hunt for Santa Paws.

This pup knows the jolly old fellow will bring her some of her favorite cookies, because that's always at the top of her list, and obviously because she's been a very good girl. But, Astrid wants to know what's taking Santa so long to bring her those tasty goodies.

Astrid always keeps an eye out on her walks, but so far no Santa sightings. He's not even down in the creek, for some weird reason.

Astrid will just have to look for Santa elsewhere, since he's so good at hide and seek.

Astrid hopes that Santa visits you all soon! Then again, she also hopes he visits her soon. She really wants those beloved cookies he always brings her.

Warm wishes to all!

Festive Flashback Doodle of the Day


Tip of the Day

Yesterday we discussed unplugging Christmas lights and removing other potentially dangerous decor from your furbaby's reach in the event that they are not being supervised. Festive decor is not the only danger this time of year, though. As we all probably know, lots of snacks and treats come out of the woodwork this time of year. What's more, a lot of these treats are not healthy for our kitties and pups. Chocolate, alcohol, fatty foods, and excess sugar and salt, just to name a couple, can all pose risks to the health of our furbabies. For this reason, if you need to leave your house or in any way leave your furbaby unattended, ensure that they do not have access to your Christmas goodies. This could relate to any number of situations. For example, keep in mind snack bowls, food being prepared or cooling on the kitchen counter, a full table on Christmas Day, and even dirty dishes in the sink or food in the trash bin. So, if your furbaby is going to be left alone and unsupervised, remove food from the counters and table, hide snack bowls, clear out the sink, and take out or hide the trash. Our kitties and pups might find some of our Christmas treats just as delicious as we find them, but that doesn't mean it's healthy for them to snack on them. So, especially in the event that you will not be home or available to monitor your kitty or pup, think ahead and remove all food from your furbaby's reach.


Eastside Cats said...

Astrid, our favorite pet store was spotlighted on TV a few days ago, and those doggo cookies look so fabulous that we humans want to eat them!
The kind pet-loving owner suggested that a human wouldn't be injured by eating a doggo cookie, but he couldn't approve of such an action.
Where is the nearest bakery?

Helen said...

Love your sweater! Hope Santa Paws is good to you.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

He'll be here in no time! And you're such a good girl, he's sure to bring you lots of extra treats.

pilch92 said...

Looking good Astrid. I love the Charlie Brown tree drawing. Great tips too. XO

The Island Cats said...

I’m sure Santa Paws will be very good to you, Astrid. You have to wait just a few more days!

messymimi said...

Astrid, you were so good this year with surgery and all, i hope all your Christmas wishes comes true.