Sunday, April 2, 2017

B is for...

It's Sunday, which of course means we have some selfies to share. First, though, how about today's little doodle for the A to Z Challenge? It's the second day of the challenge, which means we've made it all the way to the letter B.

(EDIT: This A to Z newbie failed to read all the rules and so did realize that posts are not made on Sundays for this challenge. That being said, since tomorrow is the real second day of the challenge, we'll be having a post for the letter B both for today and tomorrow. Thank you to our friend Ellen for giving us some much needed guidance in this challenge! Now, on to today's B art...)

As we noted yesterday, we're going with a series of drawings starring some animals just a tad bit more exotic than the kitties, pups, and other furbabies we're used to. We're calling this our A to Z Menagerie, which we kicked off yesterday with – remember? – an armadillo!

Now, what do we have in store for you today? How about...

...a beaver! This here human realized she had never before in her life drawn a beaver, and so this seemed a good enough time to remedy that.

Now, while that their buck-toothed beaver works on those trees, a couple of the furbabies here are working on their sleepy selfies. Evan wanted to snap a shot of himself, but simply couldn't muster up the energy to get our of bed.

Thimble also decided on a sleepy selfie, squinty eyes and all.

These here snoozie selfies are our course our entry into the always fun and fantastic Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by our pals over at The Cat on My Head.

Happy Sunday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:
Has your pup or kitty ever made a snack of tree bark? Some animals will do this, and for a variety of reasons. Instinct might tell a dog or cat to consume something such as tree bark as a source of fiber, or to clean the teeth. Other dogs and cats might display pica, which is eating non-food items such as tree bark, due to other nutritional deficiencies or even stress. While some types of tree bark and such might not be harmful to our pups and kitties, others contain traces of toxins such as cyanide and are therefore best not ingested. In addition to that, ingestion of tree bark, sticks, and so forth can potentially lead to medical emergencies such as intestinal blockage or perforation. For such reasons as these, always try to prompt your furbabies to chew on toys and treats rather than items such as tree bark and sticks. What's more, if your pup or kitty frequently tries to consume non-food items, it never hurts to consult a veterinarian so as to rule out underlying medical conditions.


  1. OOO Grandma Thimble, what a big NOSE you have! And Evan, you are our blond-orange sun look so languishingly gorgeous in that selfie picture. Happy Sunday, furry ones and same to your human!

  2. That beaver is just perfect. Great idea for the letter B. Also great selfies, Evan and Thimble. You all have a most wonderful day.

  3. A beaver! We've never seen one of those in around here. :) Love the selfies, Evan and Thimble.

  4. Such cute sleepy selfies. Very cute beaver too even though my hubby wouldn't agree. He gets sick of having to break up the dam thy make in our pond. Excellent tip, I am sure a lot of dogs like to chew on sticks. The only stick my cats chew on is a silvervine stick. :)

  5. That sure is the nicest Beaver I have ever seen! OK it is the only one I have seen, but it does look fun!
    Nice selfies this week, guys, looks like you're enjoying a well earned rest!
    Purrs, ERin

  6. A bucktoothed beaver, and selfies by Evan AND Thimble? This is a most wonderful Sunday, indeed. :)


  7. Those are lovely selfies. All of my selfies seem to be sleepy lately.

  8. Could it be that C will be for Cat. Great selfies. Look like you's having a great sleepy day.

  9. Sleepy, snoozie selfies are just the best for Sundays. These are both some great selfies. Thimble looks to be holding the camera in one paw. Cute!

    Great job on the beaver doodle!

  10. I think that beaver is super-duper cute! And by the way, as a Canadian kitty, I should know. Beavers are very Canadian, for sure. PURRS.

  11. I don't think my boys generally eat sticks or anything but lately Shiver has taken to trying to eat leaves he finds in the backyard. Today he brought some in the house and ate one before I could get it away. :(

  12. Oh you both look lovely, we just can't get the close and perfect!

  13. We love your Selfies, Evan and Thimble. The beaver is very cute and the tip about the wood is very valuable☺ Pawkisses for a Happy Day ☺❤

  14. What sweet selfies! And nicely done on that drawing. The beaver is my alma mater mascot. I have a special fondness for those critters as a result.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie