Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for...Happy Birthday!

Today is the last day of the A to Z challenge. That means it's time for that letter known as Z. I may or may not have chosen the obvious animal to doodle for this one.

Z is indeed for Zebra. What's more, this striped horse is here today to help us celebrate the birthday of a certain striped ladycat. And that would be...


That's right, today is the day we celebrate this happy and fun and active little lady's 2nd birthday!

The birthday girl has already informed me that she will be spending her big day bouncing off of walls and throwing around her favorite toys, those being milk carton lids and rings. She wants all of her furiends to feel free to join in on these festivities! (Good luck keeping up with this girl, though.)

Though the birthday girl herself has no interest in silly things like treats and yummy goodness in cans, we'll still be serving these at her party. So, grab yourself a dish and feast away!

Your momma hopes you have a most purrfect birthday, Eddy!

Oh, and of course Eddy snapped these birthday shots for the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the Kitties Blue of The Cat on My Head.

Don't forget to visit the Kitties Blue to see some fantastic selfies taken by some fantastic furiends!

Our Tip of the Day:
How about an obvious tip today, one that I'm sure you all already know? When you have a kitty or pup, especially if they are still being trained or if they are a known kleptomaniac, always be cautious of what items you leave lying around.unattended. You know your furbaby best, so always keep potentially tempting or dangerous items out of their reach when you unable to monitor them. If your pup likes chomping on shoes, for example, keep them all tucked away in closets or other safe hiding places. And if your kitty likes turning any and every little item into a hockey puck or chew toy, be sure not to leave any such items, such as twist ties or bits of hardware, on counters, tables, or the floor when you leave the room. Ingestion of foreign objects can lead to bowel perforation or obstruction, among other medical emergencies, so always try to head off any such emergencies before they happen.


  1. Happy Birthday to Eddy,hope you have a pawsome day,xx Speedy

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Eddy!!
    We like your stripes.
    Enjoy your day of running and toy throwing and be sure to get spoiled!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Happy Birthday Eddy. You are such a pretty girl. The Zebra is one of Mom's favorite animals. You all have a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Eddy! We hope you have a treatfilled day!!

  5. Two today! Congrats to you, dear Eddy, and lovely selfies of the birthday girl! I don't do bouncing of the walls these days, unless theres a mouse involved. MOL
    Purrs, Erin

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Eddy! Excellent selfies, I am impressed you didn't come out blurry. I didn't even realize today was the last day of the month, I am doing my Z tomorrow. Great zebra, I finally guessed correctly what you were going to draw. And that is an excellent tip. The only klepto we ever had was Angel Stinky, she used to like to steal bracelets to play with, but never ingested them.

  7. Happy Purrday Eddy! Excellent selfie and thank you for inviting us to this pawesome party.

  8. We love us some zebras. And we love us some Eddy, too! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  9. Beautiful selfie photos.... love them.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH (Lou)

  10. Happy birthday Eddy! That is a cute zebra.

  11. Happy Birthday Eddy ! We wish you a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles ! Purrs

  12. Happy birthday, sweet girl!!! You know what? Treats and canned noms aren't Mudpie's idea of a good party either!

  13. Happy birthday, little zebra girl. Fergus will be tossing some milk jug rings around in your favor.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  14. Happy Birthday Eddy with the Gorgeous Eyes!

  15. Concats for making it through to Zee! Happy Birthday to Eddy!

  16. Happy 2nd Birthday, Eddy. Hope you had a wonderful day. Extra 2 Pawkisses for the occasion☺❤❤