Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for...

Who can guess our K contribution to the A to Z Challenge?

If you guessed kangaroo, you're right!

Now, Thimble told me that I couldn't take too long today on the A to Z Challenge today. Why? Because, well, Thursday is her day to show off just how cute she is. Duh!

When Thimble found out that Evan got to show off his whiskers on Monday, she decided that she simply had to show off hers as well.

Thimble wasn't about to let Evan best her in the whisker department, so she gifted you with these shots!

Of course, we wouldn't want to miss out on the fantastic Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Thimble is thankful for her trusty whiskers, for her beloved windows, and for beautiful Spring days. And, as always, all of us here are thankful for our family and friends!

Have a beautiful day!

Our Tip of the Day:
Does your kitty tend to scatter litter everywhere? If so, there are some potential solutions to prevent litter from scattering too far from the box. If your kitty is physically fit and does not suffer from mobility issues such as arthritis, then one potential fix is to get a box with higher sides, so that the litter is less likely to fly from the box with your kitty. Another option is to get some sort of second, larger container in which to put the litter box. You can try using a large storage container, a large boot tray, or anything similar, and place the litter box inside of it. This way, the litter is more likely to stay confined to that area rather than continue its path along the floor and throughout the house. Of course, there are also litter mats available on the market, which can be placed outside of the litter box and which are designed to trap litter rather than allow it to scatter across the floor beyond. And, of course, it never hurts to leave a broom and dustpan nearby, so that you can sweep up loose litter each time you scoop the box. Our kitties may be litter enthusiasts, but that doesn't mean it can't be contained!


  1. Now that is one cute kangaroo. And Thimble, you sure are looking good today with those fancy whiskers. There is a blog, but can't remember the name of it that has what they call 'Roos' all over the place. Have a great day.

  2. Good for you for participating in the A-Z challenge. I have always wanted to, but never quite got around to it. Thimble your whiskers and your eyes are both beautiful!

  3. Thimble, you do have lovely whiskers. And we knew K would be for kangaroo!

  4. I was hoping you would draw a kangaroo, that is so cute. Great model Thimble, you have lovely whiskers and everything else too. Excellent tip, I have brooms and dustpans stashed everywhere in the house. :)

  5. Thimble, you are so cute and have some seriously impressive whiskers! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. WOW, those Whiskers are to die for! Talk about beautiful - those are it! M says I fling my litter around when I'm flushing! She's pondering over how to solve it.

  7. Thimble, you have beautiful whiskers ! And what a cute kangaroo ! Purrs

  8. thimble.....yur whizkerz R ..... total lee awesum !!! heerz two a HOPPY easturr anda grate week oh end ♥♥

  9. We love your whiskers Thimble
    Happy Easter Friends
    Timmy, Dad and Family