Monday, August 21, 2017

Special Mancat Monday

Every once in a while, I like our Mancat Monday post to focus on why my mancat Evan is my hero. For those who might not know or remember, Evan is hind limb paralyzed. This is the result of a coyote attack that Evan survived just days before I met him, when he was roughly 6 weeks old. Obviously, Evan does not have typical use of his hind legs. But, that doesn't stop Evan one bit.

This boy walks in his own way, runs in his own way, plays and plays and plays in his own way, and even jumps in his own way.

Can you see why Evan's my hero? He's what you might call different, yes. But, Evan is also why I have come to adore the term specially abled. Evan is perfectly able to do whatever he pleases, just in a very special way. Nothing gets him down.

I know a lot of people often wonder why I don't hook Evan up with a set of wheels or something similar. That's a perfectly good question. The answer as to why Evan does not ever use anything along the lines of a wheelchair is that Evan does not enjoy having things strapped to him. I have tried, but he very much so does not like it, and he lets me know that. So, I just let him do as he pleases. Since he is more than happy with that, so am I.

Evan and all of us here wish you a marvelous Monday!

Art of the Day:

As we mentioned yesterday, over the next week or so we will be sharing some art that Ann of Zoolatry and myself created for each other. Ann asked me to create some magnets portraying some of the furbabies in her life. One of those furbabies is a handsome mancat named TK.

Drawing TK allowed me to try something new. In his many wise years, TK has developed cataracts. I honestly had never drawn eyes in this way before, but thanks to TK, I now know how. Moreover, TK is one handsome boy, and I found great joy in doodling this piece for him.

We also mentioned yesterday how Ann created for me some beautiful images using one of my favorite photos of my Angel Rosie and myself. (To see the original photo, visit this post here.) Just some of the images she created were ones for each season. The following is the lovely Spring image Ann created.

As always, Ann's work is beyond beautiful. We'll be sharing more of this art tomorrow!


  1. We shared a post about CH cats today on Facebook. They, like Evan are independent, fearless and know their own minds. Yeah we would want to to the wheels rout too but what Evan wants, Evan gets = Freedom!!!!

  2. Evan really is a pawsome kitty and ,as we can see, a very happy one :)
    Good looking too ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Evan is my hero too....he is perfectly happy with his life and that's the important thing! I think he's one great ginger guy who had a most scary thing happen to him as a baby but hasn't let that stop him for one minute! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Evan!!!!!

    Love, Teddy

  4. Even, you are one lucky kitty to have such a great Mom who takes such good care of you and lets you figure out how to do things yourself. Well done Mom. You always look happy. Have a great day. By the way TK is a good friend of ours too. His Mom, Dee takes very good care of him too.

  5. Evan is amazing! We're so impressed that he doesn't let his disability get in the way.

  6. I think you should write a children's book about Evan, he is an inspiration to all. Very nice drawing and I love Ann's work on your photo too.

  7. I love our magnets, you captured the kitties perfectly. Especially, TK, who is my heart-cat. Thank you for your art, and for taking care of Evan, he is very lucky to have you.

  8. Great work!!! We love all that Ann does - she has done so much to make our blog come to life. AND she is a great friend.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. Evan is a role-model for all of us!

  10. dood....ewe noe ewe rock ewe all wayz haz N ya all wayz will....make sure ya chillax bye de front door two day N watch de side walk go kinda dark...we thought we could see de eclipse out de paddy oh but now itz gettin cloudee ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  11. What a very special guy Evan is, and what a lucky Mama to have such a wonderful boy!!
    Jakey & Arty

  12. Evan is amazing. If only us humans had the "can do" attitude that animals have!

  13. I love Evan and know many cats who don't let little obstacles like that affect the way they live their lives. I just worry that someday he'll get rug burns and sores on his hind legs but know you're on it.

  14. Evan is my hero, too! I love that he doesn't let anything get in his way. :)

    I also love your drawing of our pal TK. He's a handsome dude, and you really captured his spirit.

    As for the artwork Ann did of you and Rosie? Gorgeous!

  15. Evan is a true hero ! And we think he could help many disabled humans not to let their disability get in the way, just like him. Purrs