Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

(Don't worry, pup Astrid didn't have to pout long before she got to gobble up that cupcake!)

Our Doodle of the Day:

(They say you are what you eat, Astrid.)


  1. Yummy in the tummy! Isn't your Mommy super to give you such special treats (Dougie Dog is jealous ...)
    BTW: we meant to stop by a day or two ago, voting I think it was and say that we'd choose Doodles over Tips cause we LUV your art!
    OK? OK!
    Bye now ...

  2. That treat looks good enough to eat - AND that doodle is dandy too!!!

    Love, Teddy

  3. Glad Astrid didn't have to wait long, I am impressed she was wiling to wait at all. That looks tasty. Very cute drawing too.

  4. Astrid, you certainly have your eye on that cupcake. Good girl for waiting. Love the drawing. You all have a super day.

  5. You're so brave, Astrid, waiting for a treat that looks so tasty ! Purrs

  6. I see those wonderful cookies at the pet store checkout...I can imagine how hard it was for Astrid to wait even a tiny bit before nomming!

  7. Astrid, that is some serious self control, sweet girl! We can't believe you didn't just gobble it straight away. :)

  8. Oh that cookie looks delicious! Bet she loved it! DakotasDen