Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Remembering My Angel

Four years ago today, my sweet Rosie flew to the Rainbow Bridge.

Every year, I ponder what to post in my dear Rosie's honor. She was my best friend, my pride and joy, as well as the main reason I felt compelled to start this blog of ours. Last year, I finally found some words that more or less explain how I want to remember my Rosie every year on the anniversary of her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. So, I'm now going to re-post some of what I said last year.

Rosie was by my side for 21 years, from the time I was 4 years old until just after my 26th birthday. She was my companion through nearly every milestone in my life up to that point. This is certainly one major reason why the day I lost her was the worst day of my life thus far.

That all being said, as devastating as it was to lose her, I simply cannot forget the countless beautiful, happy, and funny memories Rosie gifted me. I would never and could never wish those memories away. That's why, when I think of Rosie, I always do all that I can to refrain from feeling sadness. Instead, at the thought of her, I try to go into my reservoir of memories and find ones that bring me joy. And let me tell you, there are many, many, many of those! What's more, I'm certain Rosie would not want the thought of her to bring me sadness.

It's difficult not to feel some semblance of melancholy when thinking of a lost loved one. But, in honor of the companionship, love, and countless memories that she gave me, I always try to remember Rosie with nothing but a smile. After all, for 21 years, she made me smile each and every day. She will always be my ray of sunshine in this world.

I love you, my Rosie, forever and always!

The above image was created by the ever so talented Ann of ZoolatryI don't know if there is an image I cherish more than this one. I have never enjoyed having my photo taken, and the only regret that brings me is that I do not have many photos of myself with my furbabies. However, I am beyond grateful that my mom once snapped a candid shot of me kissing my sweet Rosie on the forehead. Ann then spruced up that photo to create the beautiful image above. I cannot express how grateful I am to have this image to help me forever remember the bond Rosie and I shared.

Tip of the Day:

Today, we're taking a bit of a break from our parasite prevention tips in order to share a tip in honor of my sweet angel Rosie. Today's tip will offer some ideas on how you might be able to memorialize your Rainbow Bridge angels. Everyone has their own way of grieving and their own thoughts on memorials. Below are just some ideas that some may wish to use, while others may opt for other memorial options.

To begin, you can simply yet effectively memorialize your angel by displaying photos of them. You can even set up a little memorial corner or other area in your home, specifically for maintaining a memorial for your Rainbow Bridge angel. Whether or not you display it in a specific memorial area, you can also display your angel's clay paw, if you have one. You can also select a special urn for their remains, if you opted to keep their cremated remains.

Another option is to have customized portraits or other artwork painted or otherwise created for your Rainbow Bridge angel. You can have such artwork created based on your favorite photo of your angel, for example. Another option is to have custom jewelry created, using your Rainbow Bridge angel's image or name. Whether you wear such jewelry or put it on display, it can make for a lovely, unique memorial item.

If you can and want to, you can also create your own art or craft in honor of your angel. Whether this be a drawing, collage, or anything in between, this can help you feel closer to your angel. Or, you can write something in honor of your Rainbow Bridge angel. You can write a letter to them, write a poem for them, or simply write down any and all memories that you share with them. This is yet another way that you can honor and feel close to your angel, and you can choose to display or store away your personalized memorial items.

If you have a yard or garden where this is possible, you can also plant a tree or flower in honor of your Rainbow Bridge angel. You can also place a memorial plaque or statue for them in your yard or garden, or even inside your home. In the case where you can and do bury your furbaby in your yard, you can also select grave markers, including customized ones, to mark their resting place in a special way.

Yet another potential way to memorialize your Rainbow Bridge angel is to make some sort of donation to a shelter or rescue, such as the one from which they were adopted. Donations can be monetary, or in the form of food, toys, or even your time. Other donations you can make include those to the cause for a cure, such as in the case that your angel passed away from or suffered from a particular disease.

The options for memorializing Rainbow Bridge angels are endless. Everyone grieves and honors lost loved ones in their own way, and that is more than fine. If you wish to memorialize your angel, simply think of what ways might feel best to you, and then pursue those options.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Anniversaries are so hard and I send you love and hugs.
I have a memorial garden for Eric and Flynn and all our angels who came before. There is a rose planted over each of them as well as others flowers to make it look nice.

Eastside Cats said...

First off, I love the name 'Rosie'! Flower names are my favorites, but Rose will always be at the top of my list.
These days, I look at Angel, who's twin brother Chuck died a year and a half ago, and I sometimes think about her passing too, even though she's alive and kicking...and kicking A LOT! And Da Boyz look like Chuck, but they aren't him of course.
I smooch my kitties all of the time, and I take photos of EVERYTHING!

pilch92 said...

Beautiful tribute to your sweet Angel Rosie. You were blessed to have her in your life for so long. I am sure she is watching over you now and always will until you are reunited. I have some jewelry that holds ashes, but I am afraid to wear it for fear that I will lose it. XO

Sandee said...

I hope your day of remembering her is a good day. Sometimes I cry and other times I smile when I remember. ♥

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

It never does get easier, does it? I found a certain peace when I realized that Kitty lives on in how I love Bear and Ellie. The ways she transformed my life are still inside me and no one can take that away from me! Of course, there are those dark nights where nothing is of comfort and all words lose meaning. Those nights are always there ... lingering ...

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Purrs to you today as you remember. It will be 4 years for Truffles in July. Makes you realize how time flies by, yet in other ways it feels like an eternity.

messymimi said...

Over the years the loss just gets a bit easier to live with, although it is never easy.

The Island Cats said...

Rosie was such a beautiful girl. Sending you lots of purrs as you remember her this day.

meowmeowmans said...

What a special tribute to your beloved Rosie. We love how you approach her memory, and remember all of those happy and good moments. Hugs and purrs to you.

Pam and Teddy said...

I certainly know how you feel although I didn't have 21 years with Sammy - I wish I had but he lives on in my heart and soul. I've loved every cat and dog I've ever had as a part of my life but Sammy was SO CLOSE. Teddy had big paws to fill. The photo of you kissing Rosie's head is something to cherish for sure, especially if you don't have other photos of the two of you together. We REMEMBER those times even if they aren't captured on film but a photo becomes more precious after they're gone.......... They would want us to smile and not cry with those memories - so we do.

Love, Pam

Zoolatry said...

Beautifully said, all from the heart. And no doubt that Rosie was very, very special. I so wish I could recall well the saying about how our pets are born already understanding unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, empathy and more. Therefore they do not need the number of years on earth that we do to learn these things ... and so they pass on sooner, they are ready for heaven.
So shall it be. But as they leave, too early on for us ... we need to cling to the good moments, the ones of peace and joy. You are so blessed Rosie shared love and life with you for as many years as she did, you are so blessed to now be able to hold those good times forever in your mind and soul.
Rosie, forever.

Timmy Tomcat said...

The loss of Rosie who was so close is painful but when you have love it is forever in your heart. That you gave her love and did what was best for her over her life is how we give our dear furs our hearts. We are sure all our furs are watching and will be with us when it is our time to rejoice in returning to pure everlasting love and peace.