Friday, April 9, 2021

Friendly Fill-Ins and the Letter H

Hello, friends. I apologize yet again for yet another late post. I especially regret it since it's the day of the Friendly Fill-Ins. Yesterday the scanner I use for my drawings decided to start acting up alongside my WiFi, so that turned into another battle of me versus technology both last night and this morning. Now that it's the weekend, I'll finally have some extra time to get these issues all sorted out, so that next week I'll be back to whatever my normal level of functioning might be.

I hate to be posting so late for the Friendly Fill-Ins, but luckily my co-host Ellen of 15andmeowing always has her post up well ahead of time, so you all were able to trust in her as usual. That being said, shall we get right on to the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge now, finally? Ellen came up with the first two statements, and I came up with the second two.

1. I don't like to _________, but I have to.

2. I _________ like a _________.

3. I secretly _________.

4. _________ wears me out.

My answers are below in bold. This week they're all about the furbabies, because nothing is better than that.

1. I don't like to take my kitties to the vet, but I have to.
(Though pup Astrid doesn't mind leaving the house and going for car rides, not a single one of my cats enjoys these things. All of my cats are terrified when in a carrier and when in the car, and they're equally terrified when strangers in strange places start poking and prodding them. It breaks my heart seeing them so scared. That being said, I do know and agree that vet visits are a necessary evil when it comes to being a pet parent. I even take Evan in every 6 weeks now for a small bit of grooming. This is because his urinary incontinence is best managed if he is good and trimmed up back there, which makes him only kind of look like a baboon. Since Evan definitely doesn't like when I try to spruce him up back there, he gets to go to the vet for that every 6 weeks. Sorry, Evan, but it's for your own good.)

2. I treat each of my furbabies like a member of the family.
(I have a feeling this goes for all of you animal loving friends of ours out there.)

3. I secretly steal my cats' toys.
(Sometimes my kitties will get a certain toy in a variety toy pack or in a box of goodies, and if it's an especially cute one, I'll steal it for my own collection of tchotchkes. I mostly only steal the ones that look like cute cats, or that relate to my favorite holidays of Halloween and Christmas, so I'm only slightly a monster.)

4. Eddy's midnight madness wears me out.
(Eddy is nocturnal. Wildly nocturnal. As in, she often quite literally bounces off the walls once the sun goes down. I try to beg her to sleep, so that I in turn can sleep, but she thinks that suggestions is absolutely absurd. It's okay, though, because Eddy is adorable and I love her and I obviously can't get mad at her.)

Now it's your turn!
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And now it's time for another installment of the April A to Z Challenge.

Today's letter is H, and it's one of the letters I've been most looking forward to for our theme of halfway to Halloween, or Halfoween. That's because our H is for haunted house, and I simply enjoy the imagery of spooky little homes. And so, I made poor angel Rosie visit a haunted house this spring.


It's Friday, so who's ready for your Eddy fix? Today you get to see this active girl in the midst of a half-second break during a wild time on her cat tree.

Just look at that open window! Isn't window whiffies season the best?

Happy Friday to all!


We couldn't leave without wishing Marg a most wonderful birthday! Have a happy and blessed birthday, Marg!

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Tip of the Day

Today's tip relates to the haunted house in our doodle, or at least sort of. This tip is to keep your kitty or pup's safety in mind if you happen to be buying or visiting an old or dilapidated home, such as a fixer-upper. More relatable, though, is a situation in which your home is simply undergoing any form of construction. Living in or visiting a home under construction could indeed affect your furbaby and their safety. In such a situation, make sure there are no nails, broken glass, or anything dangerous that might be scattered about, as such things can of course injure an animal.

One example from our own personal experience is the recent work we had done on our roof. Aside from giving your furbaby a safe place to hide should all the noise bother them, there are many other considerations to make. Inevitably, debris of various sorts might end up on the ground when any work is being done on or in a house. Our own roofers did a wonderful job picking up after themselves, and so pup Astrid, our neighbor's oft visiting cat, and other animals who have visited our yard have safely made their way through without any injury. Also be cautious, though, if any other home in your neighborhood is being worked on, especially when it comes to animals who go on walks or otherwise leave your property. As another related example, our neighbors had their roof done last year, and after the roofers left I found and picked up quite a few of their abandoned nails in our own yard. So, whether it be an old or dilapidated house or a house under construction in any way, be aware of the dangers that various debris might pose to your kitties and pups. Always make sure the area is truly safe for your furbaby and their paws, both during and after any work on your home or a nearby home is being done.


Yvonne said...

Great fill ins. I hate taking the cats to the vet, too, but that's another thing we have to do. Seems like it's a traumatic event for both the furbabies and humans.

Have a great weekend!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Yes we have had our vet ventures Ugh. Hi Eddy. Happy Birthday Marg

pilch92 said...

I enjoyed your answers to the fill-ins. I feel the same about 1 and 2. I wish more vets paid house calls. Your #3 cracked me up, it only seems fair you swipe those toys being that they steal all the blankets. Eddy is a cutie. Brody came to me nocturnal, but adjusted pretty quickly to our schedule. Cute drawing and excellent tips too. Have a wonderful weekend. Sorry you had scanner troubles. XO

Marvelous Marv said...

Terrific fill-ins! And technology knows when it is the most inconvenient time to act up (or die). We are just now catching up from the escapeds from the last 2 weeks and we wanted to tell you you A-Z doodles are magnificent! We too are celebrating Marg's Birthday she is the greatest Cat Lady EVER! We hope you guys have the bestest day ever!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I do the EXACT same thing with Mudpie's toys!!!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Marg sure is one of a kind, a very special lady!
Happy Birthday to our friend, Marg!!

Cathy Keisha said...

We *are* members of the family! I thought TW was the only one that stole her cat's toys. She's already taken my Peeps and gave me back the Grumpy Cat she stole years ago.

messymimi said...

You have so much good stuff packed into one post.

May your technology behave itself!

Karen C. said...

All of our people have been known to swipe a toy now and then too - so funny!

Eddy - is that pretty tummy available for pets? Our mom wants to.
Midnight & Cocoa
Mini & Fluff
Tyler & Marty
Beeb, Bella & Beanie