Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sleepy Sunday Selfie with a Rhyme on the Side

Evan agreed to share a selfie for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. He fell asleep while trying to snap it, but it turned out pretty darn cute anyway.

Evan wishes you all lots of naps today!


As I've mentioned before, since we're participating in the Monday through Saturday A to Z Challenge in April, during this month I'm sharing my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge poems on Sundays. So, shall we move on to that rhyme now?

As always, our wonderful host Angel Sammy shared a photo prompt to help guide us. The prompt for this poem was this nostalgic one here:

In addition to switching up the day I share my poem during this month, I'm also adding one other tiny little challenge. Though I usually share a brand new illustration for my poem's, to give myself one day each week that I don't have to scribble up a new doodle, I'm finding old doodles from the past that can work alongside our poetic host's prompt and then using both of those images as a guide. This week's flashback doodle I found to incorporate is the following one, which is actually yet again from the 2019 A to Z Challenge. 

Without further ado, here's the silly little rhyme that stemmed from all of that:

Movie Night

On one Friday evening, Rosie decided it was movie night.
She began debating between a comedy or a film of fright.
The movie theater was not far from her home,
And so to it she began to walk and roam.

Rosie arrived at the movie theater to find a line a mile long,
Folk wanting to watch everything from thrillers to movies with songs.
When Rosie finally got to the front of the line,
She realized that everything was most certainly not, well, fine.

The place was bustling with patrons who pushed and rushed.
And the popcorn was so soggy that it looked like mush.
The fellow at the ticket booth was named Chad,
And to him Rosie had a great many questions to ask.

"The theater is already full?"
"This is the last ticket being sold?"
"Someone will be sitting right next to me?"
"Wait, how much are you charging for the popcorn and treats?"

Rosie quite disliked all the answers she received.
That was the moment she decided to turn and flee.
She returned home and let out a hefty sigh.
Suddenly, home was the only place she wished to be that night.

Determined to still enjoy a movie and popcorn,
In her mind suddenly a grand idea was born.
She ran to the kitchen and made herself that buttery, crunchy snack.
And then she popped onto the television a movie just like that.

The movie theater might have been a bust,
But in her own skills Rosie certainly did trust.
She found just the right film for a homemade movie night,
And she feasted on popcorn until not a single kernel was left in sight.

Tip of the Day

Our poem and doodle today have a bit to do with popcorn. That said, is popcorn a safe treat for a dog or cat? If it is air-popped and plain, with nothing added to it, it can be a decent little snack for your furbaby if eaten in careful moderation. There are a number of reasons, though, that popcorn can be a less than ideal snack for a pup or kitty, though. If it is not air-popped, and if you add butter, salt, sugar, or other additional ingredients, then it can lean far more towards an unhealthy choice for a furbaby's treat, especially if eaten in large quantities. Adding those extra ingredients can lead to issues such as diarrhea or other gastrointestinal distress. Speaking of gastrointestinal issues, keep in mind that popcorn is very high in fiber. This means that if a pup or kitty eats too much popcorn, depending on the status of their intestinal tract, they could potentially end up with either diarrhea or constipation. One more consideration to make are the kernels in popcorn, which could possibly be an issue for your pup or kitty's teeth and gums, not to mention the potential for them being a choking hazard or causing bowel obstruction. As always, take your pup or kitty's health into consideration before offering them any human food as a treat.


meowmeowmans said...

Roise had the right idea in your poem. Sometimes seeing a movie at home is better than in the theater. :)

And Evan ... great snoozy selfie. You are so cute!

Catscue said...

Precious Evan, you are such a gorgeous snoozer! I much prefer movies at home too Rosie.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Evan you are a sweet fellow

pilch92 said...

I want to kiss Evan's adorable little nose. Great poem and drawing. Movies at home are much more fun. My Bordy likes Smart Food ( cheddar popcorn) , but I only give him one small piece. XO

Adorapurr said...

Evan yoo are adorable. And we loved yoor poem about the theatre, although purrsonally I've never been to one since I am not allowed to leave the Catio. My mom was just wondering about when the next time she'd see the inside of a movie theatre. She misses seeing movies on the big screen... but mostly she misses the buttery popcorn. Purrs, Dori

Marvelous Marv said...

Not only is Evan a total cutie, but the doodle and the poem are fabulishious! We think you are doing a magnificent job! We hope you all have a marvellously happy day!

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Sleep well little Evan, you are taking the perfect nap!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Love that doodle and poem! Nothing wrong with a sleepy selfie :)

messymimi said...

A sleepy selfie works, it shows off his cute nose.

Rosie is right, stay home and watch in comfort.

Pam and Teddy said...

Great snoozer photo of my buddy Evan.....and I am sure Angel Sammy will LOVE your tale of Rosie and her popcorn for last week's Poetry Challenge. Mom says Angel Sammy used to like to play with a piece of popcorn - he'd carry it around like a toy and drop it at Mom's feet until she'd throw it for him and he'd bring it back. But he never ate it.

Hugs, Teddy