Monday, July 19, 2021

Mancat Monday

If you were hoping to see a handsome mancat on this Mancat Monday, you're in luck. Just look at this orange hunk.

Evan wishes you all a magnificent Monday!

Festive Flashback Doodle of the Day

We'll be sharing a new Christmas in July doodle to go along with this week's equally Christmas in July poem for the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge. Then we'll be sharing another festive summer doodle this upcoming weekend for the Caturday Art Blog Hop. It may be be 90°F outside, but we can still feel festive, right? Leading up to those upcoming new festive summer doodles, we've been sharing Christmas in July doodles from years past, like this one from 2019.

Tip of the Day

Do you want or need to monitor your furbaby, even when you aren't with them? Items such as baby monitors don't have to be used for only children of the human sort. Baby monitors, security cameras, and similar products can be used for our furbabies as well. Depending on what type of monitoring you need, you can look into monitoring devices that allow you to hear, see, or locate your furbaby. For example, there are monitors and cameras that you can place in your home that allow you to view your furbaby and what they're up to, even if you're away from home, such as by using the internet, apps, or other similar means. There are even devices on the market that can be attached to your furbaby's collar and that take video of what they've been up to. Another method of keeping track of your furbaby includes more or less putting some form of tracking device on them. For example, there are GPS or other similar devices that can go on your furbaby's collar. This is something that might come most in handy if you have a dog or cat who goes outdoors.

All in all, if you want or need to keep an especially close watch on your pup or kitty, such as when you're away from home, there are ways to do this. You might wish to keep an eye on a new puppy or kitten, a sick or geriatric furbaby, a cat or dog with separation anxiety, or something else along those lines. In such cases, determine whether monitoring, such as when you're away from home, might be beneficial, and then research the best types of monitoring systems for your particular situation.


pilch92 said...

Evan is such a cutie. And I love your Christmas in July drawing. Excellent tips too. I bought a camera from Amazon for only $19 and I can check on my ferals from anywhere.

Eastside Cats said...

It's good to know that you are on patrol, Evan!

The Island Cats said...

Hey Evan! Did Astrid let you have that spot??

messymimi said...

It's wonderful to see you, Evan!

There's no reason not to enjoy Christmas doodles in July, i certainly do.