Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!


Today's post might very well be as much of a horror show as what that there kitty is watching. After all, as promised for this spooktacular day, Evan is going to give you all a glimpse of his ghostbusting skills. First, though, we'll remind you all why the ghostbusting was a necessity this Halloween. The kitties and pup have shown you our resident ghost and his crimes a few times this season. Even more instances of his haunting have been collected, though.

First, Evan was regularly photobombed by the specter while he tried to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Thimble wasn't safe either, as she was regularly photobombed while showing the camera her gorgeous face.

As for Eddy, she just wanted to enjoy her window time in peace. But, alas, she was instead booed.

Though last week Tonks admitted that she may or may not have a tiny crush on our ghostly fiend, sometimes she just wanted a break from his tricks. Even when she tried to hide under the blankets, though, she rarely found herself immune to the not-so-invisible man's invasions.

Our house panther housemates Toby and Winky were also of course victims of the hauntings.

And not even pup Astrid was spared.

Astrid might have tried to laugh off the ghostly nuisance, but mancat Evan was having none of it. Using his skills at ghostbusting, Evan took on the specter so as to save himself and his furry siblings from endless photobombs and haunts.

It was quite a battle, and a blurry one at that, but Evan got the job done. That is, until the ghost had a second wind and tried yet again to pushy his way in as a ghostly photobomber.

Evan was far from happy, having thought he'd already found success, but he quickly gathered himself up and took on the ghostly ghoul yet again.

Evan forced the specter into face slam, as you can tell, but then decided he wanted another photo or two with his defeated captive.

Having learned his lesson after Evan's ghostbusting, not once but twice, the little ghoul admitted his defeat and ceased his photobombing ways. Until next Halloween, that is.

Now, don't mind us as we celebrate Evan's ghostbusting success with some pizza. Feel free to grab yourself a slice.

How about a different form of art now? As we do every year, my mom and I visited a local pumpkin farm that displays hundreds of jack-o'-lanterns for the public to enjoy. It's my goal every year to find pumpkins carved as kitties, pups, and other cute critters. This year I was not disappointed.

That one above was giving me Grumpy Cat vibes, and I was living for it.

My mom and I decided that one's a dinosaur wearing a party hat. Do you agree with our assessment?

Now, a couple of honorable mentions, starting with this pumpkin eating another pumpkin.

And, in honor of Evan's successful ghostbusting this Halloween season, here's this little guy.

I also always carve my own pumpkins each year. Just like last year, all the pumpkins I carved this year are from my parents' pumpkin patch, which brings me so much joy every autumn. First up, two different kinds of cat-o'-lanterns, which are far from my best work.

And, last but not least, these little fellas.

We hope you all enjoyed celebrating Halloween with us!

As we've mentioned before, our celebration will continue on for a couple more days, as the first days of November are admittedly still All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. So, the spookiness isn't over just yet.


Tip of the Day

Our final Halloween tip is to use this spooky holiday as a chance to spend some quality time with your furbaby. Whether you're already staying tucked inside on Halloween night, or whether you wait until after handing out candy, do consider getting cozy and festive with your kitty or pup. For example, you can cozy up with your kitty or pup on the couch and read a spooky story, if that's your kind of thing. Another option is to of course watch a spooky movie or TV show, if that strikes your fancy. Of course, as we mentioned yesterday, do keep in mind your furbaby's sense of hearing and comfort when selecting a scary movie and volume level. For something more calm yet spookily festive, consider sitting down with your furbaby to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, or a certain famous orange tabby in Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Halloween night is of course also the perfect time to not only enjoy yourself some treats (of course without sharing anything toxic for your furbaby!), but to also give your kitty or pup any festive toys or treats that you got for them.

Halloween may sometimes be considered a night filled with tricks and terrors, but you and your furbaby can instead use it to spend some quality time together in a festive yet safe manner. So, cuddle up on the couch and spend some cozy and frightfully festive time with that furbaby! Happy Halloween!


Zoolatry said...

A spectacular ~ spooktacular ~ post. Every photo of all the kitties (and of course, Astrid) is just perfect and fun and so well captured. All the pumpkins, delightful to see. Thanks! Happy Halloween to all.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Happy Halloween guys, we hope it's EPIC!

We adore the little ghost; such a cutie!

pilch92 said...

Cute drawings, especially the pizza one. :) Nice to see all your little ghostbusters at work. I want to watch The Great Pumpkin Now. We watched Hocus Pocus last night. Happy Halloween! XO

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Your pumpkins are amazing, esp Grumpy Cat! I have a feeling all your furries are going to miss ghostie :) And that slice of pizza is to die for!!! Happy Halloween!!!

messymimi said...

Wonderful pumpkins and congratulations to Evan on his win.