Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Treeside Tonks Tuesday

Hello and happy Tuesday, friends! This here human is trying to sort out some technical difficulties relating to our laptop that pretty much has both feet in the grave. We're trying to avoid a major purchase like that until after the holidays, so things are getting really interesting. That said, we're trying to make sure that the last part of this week, Christmas weekend, and the Twelve Days of Christmas are planned out and festive on our blog, so that none of those posts are late or lacking like they have been lately.

All that rambling aside, Tonks is here to give you a preview of the Christmas weekend photos she'll be sharing with you all. Well, sort of. In this one she's gazing up at her beloved Christmas tree, but you better believe she'll be sharing some festive photos from within the tree for Christmas itself.

Tonks and all of us here wish you a festive day!

Festive Flashback Doodle of the Day

The technical difficulties we mentioned above have really put a damper on finishing, scanning, and sharing the new Christmas doodles I've been working on, but within the next couple of days I'll be finding a way to share all of those. Luckily, Christmas itself is just the First Day of Christmas, and so we still have a couple of weeks to share all of those new doodles. For today, though, here's a flashback from years ago.


Tip of the Day

This festive time of year, our homes are often more likely to be full of potential dangers. After all, we often deck the halls this time of year. Today's tip is to take this into consideration before leaving your furbaby home alone or in any way unattended. Before you leave your furbaby alone, do consider the decorations you have out and what risks they might pose. What's more, especially when your furbaby is left alone or unattended, be sure to make the house a safe place for them to stay. For example, unplug the Christmas tree lights and other similar decorations so that your furbaby cannot harm themselves. Of course, also make sure that no candles are lit when you are not present. Also think about small parts and pieces of decorations, especially if your furbaby is a chewer or is known to eat anything and everything. Move any such decor out of your furbaby's reach when you are not home or able to monitor them. Of course, it is best to always have decor with small or in any way dangerous parts and pieces well out of reach of curious paws and mouths. If need be, simply don't put out such decor in the first place. Or, only put out such decor in rooms or spaces where your furbaby does not have access. Long story short, before you leave your furbaby home alone or otherwise unattended, always be aware of the decor you put out for the holidays and what danger such decor might pose. As needed, when your furbaby is not being monitored, remove, turn off, or in some way render such decor a non-risk.


Eastside Cats said...

You look serene, Tonks!
The tree has you mesmerized?

messymimi said...

Tonks, i can see in your gaze how much you love the tree.

I do hope the computer lasts long enough to get you through.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

This is such a gorgeous photo!

pilch92 said...

Tonks is a cutie- that photo would make a nice Christmas card. I like the drawing and your tips are great too.