Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Selfie Celebration

It's time for the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the fabulous Kitties Blue over at The Cat on My Head!

Our first selfie of the day is a special one, and it's brought to you by the ever active Eddy. It's special not only because it was taken in one of Eddy's rare moments of relaxation, but because it was taken while she helped me complete the wedding art for none other than the Kitties Blue ladycat Astrid and her now hubbycat Sampson (of Kitty Kat Chronicles). Eddy waited weeks to share this selfie until today, because she wanted to use it to congratulate Astrid and Sampy, who just tied the knot this weekend during the BlogPaws Conference. So, congratulations to Astrid and Sampy, from Eddy and all of us!

Although they didn't snap any shots of them helping me create Astrid and Sampy's wedding art, my other furbabies have some selfies to share nonetheless.

Thimble took a break from a recent nap to snap this selfie:

Evan took a break from his sentry duty at the door to snap this one:

And Astrid refused to take a break from her sentry duty and so refused to look at the camera for this selfie:

 Happy Sunday to all of our furiends!


Our Tip of the Day:
Especially if you have a cat food loving dog, a toddler, or any other form of potential cat food thief, perhaps consider elevating your cat's food dish to a level unreachable by such thieves. Cats can jump as much as seven times their own height. That makes it easy to designate a particular shelf, counter, table, or any other elevated surface as your cat's feeding station, should the need arise. Of course, keep in mind any special conditions your kitty might have when selecting a location for their food bowl. If your kitty is overweight, older, has arthritis, or has any condition that makes jumping difficult, consider this before elevating his or her food bowl very high, if even elevating it at all. Even for a young and fit kitty, though, you can always make it easier on them by placing the food dish somewhere elevated but also somewhere that has some form of pathway or makeshift stair steps (such as other pieces of furniture) leading up to it.


Peaches and Paprika said...

Eddy, Thimble, Astrid, Evan, you all are looking pawsome in your selfies. Happy Sunday, everyone! BTW...And we think your blog header is beyond adorable!

Marg said...

Great selfies, all of you. Evan, yours is the best. And again we just love your header. That is so great. You all have a super day.

Katie and The Katz said...

Loverly selfies today... Happy Sunnyday and we just loves the mew blog header too! Concats on Astrid and Sampy's wedding and arts! <3 -Katie Kitty Too.

pilch92 said...

The new header looks great. Those are all nice selfies and how sweet that Eddy slowed down long enough to help you with the beautiful wedding art. Our dog went to the Bridge in 2011, but we still keep the food up on the counter in the kitchen. Everyone else gets fed on the floor, but we pick the dishes up within 5 minutes ( all it takes for them to gobble everything up).

Purrseiodn said...

Great selfies. Have a wonderful day!

Annie Bear said...

I saw your wedding portrait at the Kitties Blue blog. It's awesome. I also love your new summer blog header!

It's always great to see Eddy. I like how Thimble's eyes are focused on the camera while she takes her selfie. Both sentries did a good job too. Good for Astrid taking her sentry duty so seriously!

meowmeowmans said...

Such wonderful selfies by all of you, sweet pals. You're all so adorable!

Your wedding portrait of Astrid and Sampson is lovely, and we know they will cherish it always. :)

Thank you for your kind comment on our blog today. We're very fortunate to be able to volunteer at a wonderful place like PAWS, and with such amazing kitties (and people).


Little Miss Titch said...

Pawsome selfies there and your header is so much fun,xx Speedy


Those are terrific selfies!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Those are lovely selfies. The wedding art is lovely, and so is your summer header.

Anonymous said...

We just fell in love with Timble's Selfie, how adorable cute :D ..but so are the others and the header is absolutely summerly :) Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Those are all precious selfies, and wonderful that you got to create the wedding artwork!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Good looking kids

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Cute selfies everyone!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Unknown said...

I think I saw that artwork! Well done. Very well done. (And adorable selfies, too!)

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie