Saturday, June 16, 2018

Eddy and the New Additions

Today's doodle is all about Eddy and her thoughts on the new kittens in our home, those kittens being Tonks and Winky. Can you catch Eddy's vibes in this doodle?

To be honest, I knew Eddy would be the most difficult furbaby in the home to help acclimate to the newest additions. She is not a fan of strange people, strange cats, change, anything unfamiliar, and, well, you get the idea. So, Eddy was and still is taking the longest to come to terms with Tonks and Winky's entrance into our home.

Don't count Eddy out yet, though. Though it's slow, she is making progress. Eddy went from hiding under my bed for a couple of days, to finally now at least being willing to stare at the kittens from a very, very safe distance. Unlike the other cats and pup Astrid, though, she still will not even remotely approach the kittens. But, she is making progress, slowly but surely, and I'll take it.

We're doing this in a step-wise fashion, and we'll do that as long as it takes. I don't mind if Eddy does not want to be best friends with the kittens, but I'd like her to at least accept their existence. I have hope that we'll get there.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Our Tip of the Day:

Over the past couple of days, we've discussed how to introduce a new cat to a resident cat or dog. On a similar note, also be sure to properly introduce any children to a new pet. Nervous or shy cats, or cats who are simply not used to children, may need to first get used to the idea of a small child before making any direct contact with them. Just as how cats and dogs will likely need time to get used to each other's presence, the same could very well go for a new furbaby and children. Allow a new kitty or pup the proper time and patience to first smell and see a child from afar, to observe them from a safe distance. Over time, a new furbaby will become more accustomed to a child's presence and antics. With the proper time and patience, it is possible that a new cat or dog will learn to enjoy the child's company, or at least to peacefully coexist with the child.

What's more, it is very important that the a child understands how to be gentle with and kind to an animal. Teach a child to give a cat or dog space as needed. In addition, of course also show a child how to nicely pet a cat or dog, and thoroughly teach them how it is never okay to pull on tails or anything of the sort. Such lessons go for all children, no matter their age, and both those that reside in the home with the new furbaby and those who are visiting your home


Unknown said...

Cute doodle! Someday maybe you'll grow to like those new kids, Eddy :)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Lovely doodle! I hope Eddy soon decides they are not so bad after all.

messymimi said...

We have a cat that never accepts new foster kittens, either. It’s a good thing those don’t stay for very long.

My rule of thumb for pets and animals is, the younger the child, the closer to fully grown the pet needs to be. Tiny children are just too rough, unintentionally, with kittens and puppies.

The Swiss Cats said...

Lovely doodle ! We hope Eddy finally accepts the new kittens. Purrs

pilch92 said...

That is a cute doodle. I am glad Eddy is getting used to the newbies. Excellent tips too, kids do need to learn to respect animals.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Awww, they'll all be the best of friends in no time!!!

The Island Cats said...

We hope Eddy makes friends with the kittens soon.

meowmeowmans said...

What a cute doodle. We bet Eddy will figure it all out with the new babies in due time. Hugs!

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Amazing art as always. We hope Eddy gets used to the new babies soon.

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Ooops! I obviously have missed something (or some THINGS)...CONCATS on the new additions! catchatwithcarenandcody

Eastside Cats said...

Seriously, this is one of the very CUTEST doodles! The happy kittens, and a wary Eddy in the door.