Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Are you ready to rhyme? We sure are! We always enjoy participating in Angel Sammy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday Challenge.

Each week, our host gives us a photo prompt to help spark our poetic imagination. This week's beautiful image is this one here:

I'm pretty sure I've included forests and toadstools in far more than one poem and doodle already, but that's because I love the fanciful concept of them. Given my fondness for the subject matter, I was very excited to see this image for this week's poetry challenge. That being said, this week's poem of mine is pretty darn similar to some of the other ones I've written, and that's even not just in terms of the forests and toadstools I've driven into the ground. When an idea gets in my head, it sort of gets stuck in there, and then I use it until it gets unappetizingly stale. But, I hope you don't mind.

Finnigan in the Forest

Finnigan and Fiona were the best of friends.
The played together each day from beginning to end.
They may or may not have been a traditional pair.
Finnigan was a cat of black, and Fiona a girl with red hair.
Their differences mattered not one bit, though,
For they were the dearest of friends even so.

Once upon a summer, it was a beautiful day,
So Fiona opened her window to let in the sun's rays.
Finnigan sat by her side and gazed out at the world,
Which is where he quickly caught sight of a wily squirrel.
When the squirrel ran toward the forest and its trees,
Finnigan was behind it faster than a breeze.

"Finnigan, come back!" Fiona cried from the window.
But, in his excitement, Finnigan the cat did not slow.
The cat chased the squirrel across grass greener than green,
Into the forest where trees were all that could be seen.

After a wild and rampant game of tag,
The squirrel disappeared with a zig and a zag.
Finnigan pranced and peered through the trees,
Hoping that the squirrel he would yet again see.
Instead, something else came into his sight.
It was none other than a bright and shiny light!

The light glowed like a golden orb,
And Finnigan's attention it did absorb.
A light was just as well as a squirrel,
Especially when it spun around in a whirl.

And so there was Finnigan, chasing the light,
Running after the orb that shone so sparkly and bright.
When the shiny plaything sped off through the trees,
Finnigan made sure that he did not freeze.
He would not lose sight of the moving glow,
Lest he miss out on a mighty fun light show.

Finnigan followed the gleam of the light as it floated,
Keeping up with it being his only true motive.
The cat jotted and trotted to keep pace with the light,
Until it finally slowed and halted its flight.

When Finnigan stopped and glanced about,
He saw that all around him toadstools did sprout.
That was not all Finnigan noticed, though.
There were now dozens of little lights that did glow!

Finnigan could not help but test a toadstool out,
By jumping upon it to see how high he could bounce.
The cat on the toadstool must have been quite a scene.
Who needed a silly old trampoline?

When Finnigan was done with his acrobatic fun,
One of the lights approached him, shining like the sun.
Finnigan could not help but give it a light little boop,
After which the orb spun around in a frenzied swoop.

"Ouch!" came from the bright little light.
Hearing that word gave Finnigan a bit of a fright.
Have you ever heard a light speak?
Finnigan suddenly found himself feeling quite meek.

The radiant glow did not stop there.
These were the next words it did share:
"Now, now, don't be a scaredy-cat.
But also don't you dare give me another tap.
 I'm really not all that scary.
See, I'm just a harmless fairy!"

Indeed, the light was suddenly a light no more.
It was a tiny little creature, and on wings it did soar.
Finnigan was tempted to go on another chase.
After all, winged critters were some of his favorite to race!

Instead, Finnigan gave a polite hello.
"Meow," he said to the fairy, who still did glow.
"It's a pleasure to meet you," was the fairy's reply.
"We live just over yonder," it added, "if you'd like to stop by."

Finnigan thought that sounded like all sorts of fun,
And so after the fairy he did run.
They passed more trees, and them some more,
Until they reached a glittering gold door.

The fairy opened the door and invited Finnigan inside,
After which his eyes grew wider than wide.
The fairy land was something to behold.
There were more toadstools, waterfalls, and even a castle of gold!

Just then, Finnigan realized something important.
How could he have been so sordid?
The fairy land he could not yet attend.
After all, how could he go on an adventure without his best friend?

Finnigan told the fairy he would return soon,
And then turned around and through the forest did zoom.
He found Fiona in their yard, calling his name.
The sight of the poor little girl filled him with shame.

But Fiona seemed filled only with relief,
And she wrapped Finnigan in a hug that was not even remotely brief.
When the girl finally had her fill,
Finnigan tugged at her dress with great thrill.

Fiona could tell Finnigan had something to share,
And so through the forest together they did tear.
The toadstools were the first stop they made,
And like trampolines on them they played.

Finnigan could not wait to continue, though.
After all, those toadstools were just the start of the show.
He urged Fiona to follow him further,
His excitement now turning to fervor.

Finally, ahead, they both saw the golden door,
Behind which there was so much in store.
Fiona turned the knob and entered the fairy land,
With its toadstools and waterfalls and castle so grand.

Fiona gasped, laughed, and jumped for joy.
For bringing her here, she deemed Finnigan a good boy.
Into the fairy land skipped Fiona and Finnigan.
Little did they know, their journey was only just about to begin.


Those of you who visit us often might know whom you'll be seeing now. Thursday is the day when a certain lady cat shows off her adorable self. Of whom do we speak? Thimble!

Thimble is very thankful for the sun we finally saw yesterday. We haven't seen the sun much these days, because we've been having us some pretty nasty storms lately. There has been a lot of pouring rain, flooding, lightning, and thunder. A tornado even touched down at the edge of our town earlier this week. While we are very thankful that we are all safe and sound, we are sending our purrs, woofs, and prayers to those affected. Luckily, no one was injured in this tornado, but some homes sure were.

In addition to being thankful for the sun and the fact that no one was injured in this week's storms, we are of course also so very grateful for each and every one of you.


Last but not least, we have the Friendly Fill-Ins statements for tomorrow! Ellen of 15andmeowing was the mastermind behind the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. My favorite Disney character is _________.

2. If I could stay any age for life, I would choose to be age _________.

3. _________ is my secret talent.

4. Life is like a _________.

We'll see you tomorrow!

Our Tip of the Day:

Today's tip is going to be a bit of a long one, because it's all about how to introduce cats to each other, such as when bringing a new cat home. To be honest, the circumstances and methods of cat introductions can vary, especially depending on the cats involved. Some cats love other cats, some are not fond of other cats, and some are anywhere in between. Just like humans, every cat is different, and every cat has its preferences for who and what is around them. That being said, below we will indeed discuss some of the steps that can be taken to help properly introduce cats to each other.

Let's begin by saying that, though it is certainly not a cure-all for cat introductions, you can give Feliway a try. For long-term use (such as approximately 30 or so days), you can invest in a Feliway diffuser (refills can be purchased for these diffusers). There is also Feliway spray on the market, though a spray's effects do not last nearly as long as a diffuser's. If you are using a Feliway diffuser, it is often recommended that you plug it in roughly 2 weeks prior to an event such as bringing home a new cat, so that the pheromones are already in the home prior to the change.

Moving on, as we already mentioned in a previous tip, of course have somewhere safe for the new kitty to stay once they arrive at their new home. For example, a spare bedroom or a bathroom can make a safe area for a new cat. At this point, it is often best to have a sturdy barrier between the cats, something through which they cannot see each other, such as a door. This way, the cats can smell each other without having to take in the sight of a strange cat. Getting used to the scent of a new cat can be a crucial step before visual contact is made. If safe and feasible, you can even swap the cats' bedding, so that they learn the other's scent this way.

During the aforementioned non-visual olfactory meet-and-greet, there may indeed be hissing or growling. When this hissing and growling is only mild or nonexistent, at that point you try to start allowing the cats to see each other. Of course, using some sort of barrier is still advised, to ensure that no fights occur at the sight of each other. You can use a safe and sturdy baby gate, for example, or even a screen door. If there is hissing, growling, or other signs of aggression, stop the session and give both cats a break from seeing each other. You can repeat this exercise for short spurts, perhaps even multiple times a day, until the aggression diminishes.

The next phase of the introduction is of course best begun only when previous signs of aggression have significantly decreased or disappeared. When the sight of each other no longer spurs hissing, growling, or other aggression, then you can start considering allowing a more direct meet-and-greet. Of course, only do this with heavy supervision. In other words, as you allow the cats to enter the same proximity, without any barrier between them, be very, very watchful. Look for any and all cues that aggression might occur, and if that is the case, stop the session and separate the cats as needed, and then try again when both cats are calm. As a side note, in the potential case of a cat fight, have on hand something safe, such as a towel, that could help you break up the fight.

It may very well take time and lots of patience to get cats used to each other. No matter what phase of introduction you're at, continue safe meet-and-greet sessions as often as is possible and plausible, even if these are best kept brief at first. Getting new cats used to each may indeed take a lot of repetitive exercises such as those listed above. The main yet simple thing to keep in mind is that this will likely take time and patience. Forcing cats to meet in a hasty manner can lead to any number of issues, including aggression or even litter box aversion. While I wish I could say there is a textbook method that guarantees easy, successful cat introductions, that's simply not the case. Just remember to be patient, do not force it, help the cats get to know each other on their own terms and timeline, and closely monitor them until they are well acquainted and have learned to safely like, tolerate, or ignore each other.


Lone Star Cats said...

Great poem! And great pic Thimble!

Teddy said...

Another masterpiece of fun with Finnigan and Fiona in the forest.....thanks so much for doing Poetic Thursdays with us - you always amaze us with your story crafting no matter WHAT the photo is for the week. Bravo! Love Thimble's selfie today too.....

Hugs, Teddy

Brian's Home Blog said...

Such a great poem! Oh my, sunshine is such a welcome treat sometimes. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

messymimi said...

How i always wanted to visit the land of faerie -- i guess i was too pragmatic to ever get there. Who knows, maybe someday i will be old enough for the wisdom of childhood again.

Marg said...

Now that is one terrific poem. Love the story.Thimble, you are sure looking mighty good. Hope you all have a fabulous day.

Eastside Cats said...

"Finnigan in the Forest" is a winner! Love your word use, and the pictures that you paint with them. Thimble is adorbs, and we hope your new kittens will be welcomed into the clowder with the least amount of hisses!

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing the very beautiful poem. We hope Thimble and you are enjoying the sunshine. We are grateful to have you too. Have a great day.
World of Animals

The Island Cats said...

You look beautiful in the sun, Thimble. And now we wanna know what happens in fairy land.

pilch92 said...

That was an excellent poem, you never disappoint. I like the drawing too. And Thimble is looking extra pretty today. A tornado in your town is a scary thing, I am glad no one was harmed. Excellent tips about introductions, I hope all is going well with the new kittens. And I look forward to your fill-ins answers as well as everyone else's too.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

So fun! I love the magical photos chosen for this challenge. Hope your weather improves soon!

Cathy Keisha said...

Whoa! Look at all the magic 'shrooms! I'll bet you could have a pawty with them

M Dawson said...

That is such an inspiring picture. it looks such a beautiful photograph.

Your weather does NOT sound much fun, and we hope you do get some sunshine.

Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Sounds as if your weather is pretty much the same as our weather. Lovely doodles and Thimble you look magnificent.