Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dressed to the Nines

Pup Astrid isn't the only one around here who got all snazzy for the recent Christmas festivities.

Astrid may have rocked that Christmas sweater, but two cool black cats around here also showed off their festive sense of fashion.

Doesn't Toby look so dapper in his tie?

And there's Winky, all dolled up with a festive bow tie!

For those who might not remember, Toby and Winky are my sister's cats, and they live with us. They are also the only cats in the house willing to wear any semblance of clothing. None of my own kitties will tolerate getting festive like this. Toby and Winky are the only willing feline mannequins around here.

As we've said in nearly every post since Christmas Day, we are celebrating the  Twelve Days of Christmas. Today is the Ninth Day of Christmas, and we hope it's merry and bright for each and every one of you!

Our Festive Doodle of the Day:

Our Tip of the Day:

Today's tip on caring for ferals and strays outdoors during the cold winter months is to, if possible, offer them some sort of shelter. Even a makeshift shelter is better than no shelter at all. For example, outdoor tables and chairs can be arranged to form a shelter under which a feral or stray can get some respite from direct inclement weather. Another cheap, makeshift option includes turning a Styrofoam cooler upside down to form a shelter, with a door cut out as an entrance. Other relatively cheap storage containers can also be used to create makeshift shelters, again simply by cutting out a door and ensuring that it is safe for use. Of course, if it is possible, you can also buy or build a sturdier, more permanent shelter, such as one constructed out of wood. Another option, although of course only if it is safe and free of dangers, is to allow ferals and strays to spend cold winter days or nights in a garage or shed. Again, only if they are free of potentially dangerous items, a garage or shed can be used as a warm place for ferals and strays to spend cold winter days or nights. All in all, if you are able to, consider setting up some form of shelter to help ferals and strays have some respite from the elements. Even a makeshift shelter formed out of materials you already have could be a great benefit to them. Our next couple of tips will discuss feral cat shelters and their components in more detail.


The Island Cats said...

Everybuddy looks so festive!

Marg said...

Great pictures of every one. Astrid, that is one pretty sweater. Everyone is looking good. Have a great day.

Marg said...

Great pictures of every one. Astrid, that is one pretty sweater. Everyone is looking good. Have a great day.

Eastside Cats said...

Winky and Toby are adorable!
Remind folks to use straw and NOT BLANKETS, which can freeze from condensation, and a sleeping cat can freeze right along with it.

pilch92 said...

Tonks and Winky are cuties. That is funny they are the only ones wiling to dress up. I am lucky that most of mine tolerate it, I think Joanie is the only one that actually enjoys it though. Cute drawing. And excellent tips.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Everyone looks fantastically festive!

Lone Star Cats said...

Looking good y'all!

messymimi said...

Very dapper, friends!

A friend who manages a small feral colony has plasic storage bins with doors cut into them, and the insides are lined with that soft egg crate looking material, and blankets. The cats love them.

meowmeowmans said...

Toby, Winky and Astrid, you three are looking super festive! Happy ninth day of Christmas, sweet friends!

The Swiss Cats said...

You all look so stylish and so festive ! Purrs

Pam and Teddy said...

Teddy won't cooperate with "clothes" either which is a shame. He's been gifted with four very cool hats and a variety of ties that he inherited from Angel Sammy. Teddy acts like a total two year old when it comes to what he will and won't tolerate. Oh well. I can dream. Your crew looks FABULOUS!

Hugs, Pam