Friday, June 8, 2018

Friendly Fill-Ins

It's Friendly Fill-Ins time! In case you missed the fill-ins yesterday, they are provided below. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. My favorite subject in school was _________.

2. An extracurricular activity I participated in was _________.

3. I want to learn _________.

4. It takes courage to _________.

I filled those in myself, and here's how I did:

1. My favorite subject in school was English/Literature.
(I have always enjoyed reading and writing, and so I usually looked forward to reading literature and working on writing assignments in school. I often still wonder if I should have majored in English in college. I instead majored in Animal Sciences, which did give me knowledge and experience that I truly appreciate. But, I still often wonder what I would do if I went back in time.)

2. An extracurricular activity I participated in was math team.
(I never played any sports. That really wasn't my thing. I was always taught that I needed some activities to slap onto college applications, though. So, math team happened. If I'm to be completely honest, I did not dislike math team, but I also didn't really enjoy it all that much. I also wrote articles for and edited the school newspaper, which I enjoyed far more than math team.)

3. I want to learn how to play the cello.
(I think I've mentioned this here before, perhaps way in the past. I learned to play the piano as a child, and while I did enjoy that, and still do enjoy it, for some reason I have developed a keen interest in the cello over the years. The sound of a cello in a song pretty much makes it an instant favorite for me. So, somewhere down the line, I hope to at least learn the basics of playing the cello.)

4. It takes courage to confront the unfamiliar.
(This one here relates to the posts we'll be sharing tomorrow and Sunday. You'll have to wait and see what I'm talking about!)

Now it's your turn!
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Our last fill-in up there, the one about having courage to face the unfamiliar, especially relates to Eddy these days.

Can you guess why? We're wondering if any of you will have any idea at all what we're getting at here.

Happy Friday, friends!


Our Doodle of the Day:

We've been working through lots of foodie doodles, and I simply could not complete this series without one starring my dear angel Rosie. Especially when she was in her geriatric years, Rosie got to eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and even wherever she wanted. In fact, her favorite place to be was the couch, so that's where she got to eat. Talk about breakfast in bed.

Our Tip of the Day:

Do you have kitties or pups who require separate feedings? This can occur if certain furbabies are on different diets, or if they require different amounts of food, such as if one is on a weight loss diet. While it is not always easy to do separate feedings, it is still often doable with at least a little work. For example, some cats who are more agile can be fed on an elevated surface, such as a counter or shelf, where other cats or even dogs cannot reach. In other cases, such as if you have a small cat or dog and a larger cat or dog, you can fabricate a box or other area with a small opening where the smaller furbaby can enter and eat without interference from the other, larger furbaby. Then there are times when when feeding in separate rooms might need to be attempted. This version often works best if feedings are scheduled, and during those times the furbabies are placed in different rooms while each of them eats their diet as needed. Though not always easy, there are methods that can be attempted for feeding furbabies on different diets, so don't lose hope if this is something your furbabies require.


Lone Star Cats said...

I could go for dat kinda breakfast!

David E. McClendon, Sr. said...

The cello could be cool. It sounds great as part of an instrumental. It can give an eerie feeling or can show sorrow. I could not be on the math team unless the school wanted to throw a contest. Have a blessed week.

Suzanne McClendon said...

Your Rosie doodle is so cute. I can't imagine eating a stack of pancakes so tall. :)

Eddy and the window whiffies pics are adorable.

Though history was my favorite subject, I loved English and Literature, too. I have always loved reading and writing. I think it is cool that you wrote for and edited the school newspaper.

Have a blessed weekend. :)

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

We loved your answers. Here are ours.

1. My favorite subject in school was catalgebra.

2. An extracurricular activity I participated in was catsoccer.

3. I want to learn Russiacat.

4. It takes courage to Bite a BIG mole.

Pam and Teddy said...

We shall miss your "foodoodles" (!) but that final one with Rosie is just so adorable with her stack of pancakes. We like your fill-ins today and isn't it cool that your co-hostess Ellen LOVES math too?! Mom adores cello music - she played piano years ago but her arthritis would keep her from mastering something like the cello. Good luck to you though!

Hugs, Teddy

Elizabeth said...

My favorite subject was English too....definitely not math. :)

It does take courage.

Thanks for sharing your answers....they are always so thorough and good.

messymimi said...

Math club, wow!

We have the trouble, whenever there are foster kittens, of having to keep the adult cats from eating kitten chow while giving the babies access to as much as they want to eat. It's called "the cat food wars," and we have them regularly!

Unknown said...

Mmmm...pancakes! I have been hungry for pancakes for weeks but haven't had time to make them or go out to get some. I would like to learn to play guitar. I played years and years ago and would love to do so again. :)

Yvonne said...

This is the first time I'm at your website. It's beautiful. Thanks for hosting this meme with Ellen.

Marg said...

Love the doodle. That stack of pancakes looks so yummy. We liked your fill-in answers too. Have a great day.

The Florida Furkids said...

Great fill-ins and super cool doodle. We want pancakes now too!

The Florida Furkids

Purrseiodn said...

Great answers! You're totally correct about the extra courage required to face the unknown. Hope you have a fabulous day and weekend.

Colehaus Cats said...

Great fill-ins this week. Fascinating ones, too! Love that doodle and your tip is awesome. We had to resort to feeding in closed rooms for a long while because some of our aging cats couldn't reach higher spots to eat. That was before finding those SureFlap/SureFeed bowls that are expensive but god-sends.

Eastside Cats said...

I see Eddy's fang; were there some wild animals outside, causing some chirping? Chuck got the same treatment at the end; anything he wanted, he received! I used to love pancakes, when the butter was all melty and soaked into the pancakes, and the syrup was warm...ahh, the olden days!

Cathy Keisha said...

I get to eat any place I want including on Pop's bed cos I'm such a slow, picky eater. Nice fill-ins. The quality of the fill-ins have improved with you picking two of them. I know how to play the cello or at least that's what the peeps say I do.

The Island Cats said...

Somehow we knew you liked to write. ;) Great fill in answers!

pilch92 said...

I enjoyed your fill-in answers. You are so young, you can still get a degree in English too if you want or at least take some classes. Same with the cello, I bet you could get a used one on craigslist. That is cool that you were in the Math club. Eddy looks great, not even blurry. And I love the drawing of Angel Rosie. As always, excellent tips. My hubby polices them while they eat to keep everyone eating their own food. Have a nice weekend!XO

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Those pancakes look so yummy! I've always been about reading and writing too, so I chose English as my favorite subject too.

PJ said...

I can so understand your fascination with the cello as it has such a beautiful sound - I hope you get to achieve this goal. I don't think we had math teams in Tasmania - it sounds horrific to me, but I know lots of people that would have loved it.
I love your doodle of Rosie - reminds me of my gorgeous Tiddles who was a tortoiseshell and got spoiled rotten in her final months of life. We would want the same so of course we should do it for our furbies.
Have a fabulous weekend.

M Dawson said...

I hated sports at school. NO attempt was made to encourage you to learn more about them you just had to DO the. What a waste. I grew up hating sport as a result.

Cello eh? Someone wrote book about learning the cello so he could understand Bach's cello suites better. Amazing.