Monday, February 8, 2016

Mancat Monday: The Faces of Evan

Today my mancat Evan is going to show off some of his most common faces. Are you ready? Okay, here it goes...
Mr. Cool.


"What was that?" (In case you're curious, it was Thimble sneezing.)

"So many shiny sparkles!" (Yes, Evan chases lights and reflections on the ceiling and walls.)

"More shinies!"

And, for today I created my Valentine for Evan. I recently came across a Valentine greeting card with a saying similar to this, and it seemed suiting to use it for the mancat in my life. Here it is:
Of course, I couldn't help but try and capture Evan's famous squinty-eyed snuggle face for this one. I'm honestly not sure that I'm totally happy with it, but I've made a rule for myself that I can't redo or scrap any piece unless a truly devastating mistake or incident occurred. So, this will have to do.

Happy Monday, everybuddy! We hope your week starts off purrfectly!

Our Tip of the Day:
Although some cats may not need this, and although this may not work for every cat, some kitties will show less fear of their carrier when it's needed for travel if it is left out all the time. Instead of hiding your cat's carrier away in a closet, keep it out where the kitty can see it, so that it becomes a commonplace item to them. What's more, try putting bedding, toys, or even treats in the carrier so that it could potentially even become a snoozie spot or safe haven for them. If this is done, it's possible that the kitty won't show fear of the carrier when they are closed up in it for travel.


  1. Evan is such a handsome mancat!

    I love your tips for the carrier. Ours are out, but the kitties can't get in them. I should probably change that to make them comfortable places for them like you said. I'd love to get Carmine and Lita a couple of Sleepypods - I hear they are very comfortable and many kitties like using them as cat beds when they are hanging out at home. :)

  2. Evan is adorable, I love all those faces. I love the card too. You really should sell these on Etsy. Great tip too, I would do that, but my cats have so much "equipment" everywhere that there is not room with the tunnels, scratchers, boxes, etc.

  3. I think his bird face is my very favorite, but they are all cute.

    We sometimes leave a carrier out. I agree it does seem to help them relax. Rosie loves to sleep in the carrier. Though she does seem to know the difference between when it's left out for naps and when it's left out for trips to the vet!

  4. Well, hello handsome! We love ginger mancats!

  5. Evan, those are such good pictures of you. We also like the one where he sees a bird. What a great expression. And the card is just purrfect. We really do like the cards.

  6. A great expression for every situation. We loved that, Evan!

  7. What a handsum mancat you are Evan. Such gweat fotos. And we luv da card too. And we luv our stroller. Ifin we go fur long rides me likes to sit in mommy's lap and sis Lexi likes to sit in da old samsonite carrier, wiff da top open of course. She dus wanna see out. :)

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Evan has many handsome faces. When TW got me a new PTU and kept it out. I'd often go in it and play. come vet time, she couldn't get me in it and we had to use the old one.

  9. Evan, you're so expressive ! You have many cute faces ! Purrs

  10. We love all of Evan's expressions, but our favorite was the "bird" face.

    Your Evan Valentine is lovely!

  11. I love every single one of Evan's expressive faces. He's so handsome!