Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunny Sunday Selfies

For today's Sunday Selfie blog hop, hosted by our friends over at The Cat on My Head, my furbabies wanted to show off some selfies that demonstrate what beautiful weather we're having this weekend.

My alarm clock named Thimble woke me up shortly after sunrise. She was basking in a lovely sun puddle, and demanding breakfast.

The beautiful morning sun created such warm and cozy sun puddles, that even active little Eddy was willing to settle in one and actually pose for a selfie.

 At our house, during beautiful mornings with lots of sunshine, you'll see lots of this:

Why? Because when the beautiful sun hits all of the reflective surfaces in the house, it makes for lots of light shows on the walls and ceilings. And, my boy Evan is a light chaser. So, with this selfie of his, he wanted to show off how well he can track lights on the ceiling.

Not only is the sun shining, but it's actually warm outside. As in, 60 degrees! So of course we opened the windows, and Astrid took lots of window sniffing selfies like this:

And, on such a beautiful day with lots of sun and fresh air to bask in, even our housemate Toby was sort of willing to snap a selfie.

 I'll just ignore the stink eye and pretend he enjoyed the photo shoot.

Happy Sunday, everybuddy! We hope you're all having as beautiful of a weekend as we are!


Our Tip of the Day:
We all want our house to smell fresh and clean, But, we all also know that with furbabies sometimes that's not as easy as it sounds, and oftentimes our homes have that characteristic pet smell. Well, one of the first steps to keeping your house clean and fresh with animals is to simply groom your furbabies, and do it regularly. Combing your cat, dog, or other furry critter removes their loose fur and dander, and those are two of the things that can otherwise end up scattered throughout the house, contributing to that pet smell we all know so well. So, for both the cleanliness of your home as well as for the comfort and sake of your furbabies, be sure to groom them regularly.


pilch92 said...

Great selfies, I love Thimble's little fang showing in the second photo. I need to groom my cats more often, I do the ones that like it, but I hate upsetting the others.

Annie Bear said...

How nice to see a still picture of Eddy. She looks so pretty! I had to laugh about ignoring Toby's stink eye. He's such a handsome guy!

I'm glad you guys all enjoyed such a wonderful day yesterday. We had the same weather here too. Open windows make everyone happy!

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for wonderful weather, sunpuddles and lights to chase! Great selfies, sweet pals. Enjoy your day! :)

Purrseiodn said...

Y'all look particularly lovely in that sunbeam.

Mickey's Musings said...

Everycat and woofie looks mighty good in those selfies!
Enjoy the sun and warmer temps too :)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Paws News for Cat Lovers said...

Nice photos. There's something special about rising early, tho we work nights at the Paws household, and early is our definition of late. Great photos. Purrs
From all the kitties at the Paws household.

LP said...

Everyone looks very happy in the sun! :)

the critters in the cottage xo

The Daily Pip said...

Wasn't all this lovely sunshine fun! We had our windows open yesterday, too!

Great tip about the grooming. It does really make a difference!

The Swiss Cats said...

Beautiful selfies in the shining sun ! Purrs

Marg said...

Everyone looks fantastic in the nice sunshine. And such good pictures too. We like the fang in the picture of Thimble.That is a good tip about grooming. The Person here needs to do more of that.


Great selfies!
Happy #sundayselfie

Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Jinx

Shadow said...

Those light shows are great for looking at Evan. I am glad you know how to enjoy a good thing.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You all look lovely in your sunny selfies.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Your selfies are just adorable and we're jealous of those sun puddles!

The Island Cats said...

What great sunny selfies! Enjoy your sunshine. :)

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Great job this week, guys!

Anonymous said...

Y'all always seem to have a lot of sun puddles. Everypawdy looks just gawjus soakin' up da rays. Have a blest day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

sprinkles said...

My chi boys always manage to find the sun puddles too. It's starting to warm up here too, but not quite 60s yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your Selfies are so adorable, kitties. Is it allright to take some sunbeams home with me, I kind of miss it since we have stormy weather :D Pawkisses for a Happy Week :) <3

Dash Kitten Crew said...

You look lovely. Your selfies are exceptionally fine!