Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Toesies Tuesday

It's that day of the week. You know, the day all about the toesies! We have two sets of toesies to share with you all today. First up? Astrid!

Those are some big toesies, aren't they? Our next toesies are much smaller, and belong to none other than Evan. See?

Do those look a little, well, different? Well, for those who don't know or might not remember, my boy Evan is hind limb paralyzed. He has little to no feeling in his back legs, which tend to twist at odd angles, and which have claws that do not retract. This is all the result of a coyote attack that happened when Evan was roughly 6 weeks of age, just days before I met him. Evan was the sole survivor of the attack that killed his momma cat and litter mates. He lost the use of his hind legs, but not his spirit!

And, on the topic of toesies, here is today's doodle of the day:

One my favorite quotes. And, we're sending lots of four-legged love to all of our furiends today!

Our Tip of the Day:
Try to minimize giving baths to your pups, as well as kitties, in the winter. Cold, dry air can cause dry, itchy skin, and this can be exacerbated by baths. This is because bathing can remove some of the oils of the skin and coat, which of course means removing some of the moisture. Therefore, please try to give as few baths as possible to your pups or even kitties when the weather is cold and dry. If a bath is needed this time of the year, look into getting some safe moisturizing shampoo for your furbabies, such as ones sold at your vet's office. This can help keep your furbaby clean yet also moisturized and therefore far less dry, itchy, and uncomfortable.


  1. Astrid, those are some mighty fine looking toesies and Even, we love seeing your toesies. You all have a most wonderful day.

  2. Those are some massive toesies, Astrid! We love that saying too. :)

  3. Very cute toesies. I know Evan's story and I think he is amazing- you should write a book about him, not that you have time between work, blogging and drawing. I love that quote too and the drawing. And that is an excellent tip, although I never give my cats baths, I don't enjoy getting scratched :)

  4. That was so sweet! We love critter feet. And, I agree...love is a four-legged word. 🐱❤🐶

  5. Your doodle is adorable! That would make a pawsome fridge magnet. Big or small, all 8 toesies are perfect!

  6. Those are two very different sets of toes!

  7. Whoa! My orange mancat Buzz (RIP) was attacked by coyotes too. Love you Evan.