Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Here we are at another Thursday. That means we're ready to rhyme, since Angel Sammy is courteous enough to host the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge every week.

Our host is also always courteous enough to share a photo prompt to guide our rhymes. This week's prompt is this mesmerizing image here:

This was one of those cases when, before I even got an idea for a poem, I felt inspired to simply recreate this image in my sketchbook. After doing that, I tried to figure out a way to write a poem that fit my doodle that was inspired by this photo prompt. Does that make any sense whatsoever?

One point I will make is that my poem was inspired at least in part by my mom. My mom loves to sew, and she makes a mighty fine seamstress. One of her favorite ways to use her sewing skills is to gather a couple details about someone, and then she lets her imagination and needle run wild to create something personalized just for that person. One last comment I'll make is that after last week's ridiculously long poem, I told myself this week I'd write a shorter one. Did I succeed in that? No. No I did not. I am terribly sorry that my poems sometimes seem to go on for miles.

The Seamstress

Misty was invited to a party.
She told this fact to her cats, Barney, Charlie, and Darby.
They were her constant companions, after all,
Since she preferred to stay in the safety of her own yard and home's walls.

At first Misty looks at the invitation and shook her head.
She'd much rather stay at home with her cats instead.
When she tossed the party invitation in the trash bin, though,
Charlie the cat reached inside and gave the crumpled paper a throw.

The cats began slapping the wadded up invitation all over the room.
Then, finally, over to Misty's feet they let it fly and zoom.
They nudged it and rubbed against her legs.
"Are you saying you want me to go to the party?" Misty said.

The cats meowed and purred at Misty's words.
She should go to the party, that's what the cats were telling her.
Misty shrugged and said, "But I don't have a dress."
Darby slapped open the phone book to a list of seamstresses.

At the absolute urging of her far too intelligent cats,
Misty found herself researching dressmakers just like that.
Also at the urging of her feline friends,
Misty was out searching for a dressmaker by the day's end.

After visiting this shop and that shop and that one over there,
Misty felt like she was running out of hope, and out of air.
So far not a single dressmaker could help her on her mission.
They were all full up and were not taking any commissions.

There was only one seamstress shop left on Misty's list.
I hope this is the one, she could not help but wish.
She pushed open the door and entered beneath a ringing bell.
She was welcomed by an inviting coffeehouse smell.

Around a nearby corner appeared a little old lady.
In her hand she held a cup from which surely coffee she was tasting.
"Oh, hello!" the old woman did shout.
She put down her coffee and came right on out.

After many hellos and welcomes, the old woman finally said,
"Welcome, my dear! My name is Deb.
This is my quiet little shop you've found.
Can I help you, or are you just here to look around?"

"I need a dress," was Misty's simple reply.
Then she added, "I was invited to a party in three nights' time.
I don't really want to go, if I'm speaking the truth.
My three cats, though, said that if I didn't go I'd be wasting my youth."

Deb smiled and said, "I'd be happy to make you a dress.
I just need to know a little bit about you, yes."
The seamstress disappeared into the back and returned with supplies.
She held in her hand rulers and fabric and needles with all sorts of eyes.

"I'm going to take your measurements, dear," Deb told Misty.
"While I do that," the old woman added, "tell me a little about yourself, young missy."
Misty suddenly felt especially shy.
This woman needed to know about her? Why?

Perhaps noticing the girl's uncertainty,
Seamstress Deb then made Misty's answer quite easy.
The old woman said, "You said you had cats, yes?
How about you tell me all about your furry friends?"

Misty went right on and did just that.
She told Deb all about her three wonderful cats.
Barney, Charlie, and Darby were her most favorite things.
Even if they were the ones insisting on her uncharacteristic partying.

Deb asked, "So your cats told you to go this party?
Parties can be fun, so your cats sound like smarties."
Misty shrugged and admitted, "I'd much rather stay home with them.
I'd much rather watch the moon and stars than be cooped up in a ballroom like a hen in a pen."

"You said the party is in three nights?" Deb asked.
"I believe that's the full moon, if I'm right about that."
Misty sighed and nodded her head.
"I hate to be inside where there is no moon," she said.

Deb finished taking the measurements by the end of their talk.
She said, "My dear, I'll make you a dress that will be the center of the party's talk."
She added, "Do you have anything in mind for your dress?"
Misty shrugged, shook her head, and said, "My fashion sense is a mess."

"No worries! No worries!" Deb said with a clap.
"I do my best work when I have a fresh slab."
With a farewell and a plan to meet in two days,
Misty left the shop and went on her way.

She spent those two days enjoying the warm weather with her cats.
They sat in the yard, watched the stars, and much more than that.
Misty could not help but admit that she still wished to dismiss the party.
Like Deb said, though, perhaps urging her to go made her cats smarties.

The day came for Misty to return to Deb's shop,
And she did so with a slow stroll rather than a skip and a hop.
She again entered the shop with a bell announcing her arrival.
Suspended in the middle of the shop was a beautiful eyeful.

It was a dress that matched everything Misty lived for in life.
The majority of it was purple, with stars and a moon hung high.
Three cats sat on a field of grass sewn onto the bottom of the dress.
"Whose dress is this?" Misty asked the newly arrived Deb.

Deb circled around to see the front of the dress Misty pointed at.
"Oh, that dress?" Deb asked. "Whose dress is that?"
"It's beautiful," Misty said. "It's a masterpiece, that's the truth."
Deb said, "I'm glad you think that, because it belongs to you."

"That's mine?" Misty asked, eyes wide.
Deb nodded, saying, "You said you enjoyed moonlit and starlit skies.
Of course, I also had to include your three feline friends.
It wouldn't be your dress if they were even remotely absent."

Misty could only mutter her thanks over and over again.
She had no idea this was the skill possessed by Deb.
She left the shop still showering the old seamstress with gratitude.
It didn't hurt that the masterpiece of a dress was quite affordable, too.

For fear of damaging or staining the beautiful thing,
Misty did not put the dress on until the party evening.
It fit her like a glove and was comfortable to boot.
She swirled and said to her cats, "Do you see this? Do you?"

Barney, Charlie, and Darby gently rubbed against the dress.
The cats sewn onto the dress they even did purr at and caress.
They did not use their claws in their inspection of the gown,
Which brought to Misty's face quite the opposite of a frown.

Now ready to attend the party on that night of the full moon,
Misty tried not to be filled with a tad bit of gloom.
She really did wish she did not have to leave her cats at home.
Cats were not allowed at the party, though, no.

Standing in the lawn, her dress matching the moonlit night,
Misty knew her dress must be quite an amazing sight.
Still, though, she hesitated and turned back to her cats.
In truth, though, they had already forgotten about her just like that.

They had already urged her out the door, Misty had to admit.
Then they trotted to the yard and did meow, yawn, and sit.
The cats sprawled beneath a moonlit, starlit night in the warm wind.
Misty watched them with a happy little grin.

Perhaps her cats wanted some time away from her?
Is that why they urged her to go and now relaxed in the grass with purrs?
Misty had to admit that she was always home and probably in their hair.
She just couldn't help but want to give them the best, constant care.

Misty turned on her heels and then finally set out.
Looking down at her dress, she simply could not pout.
The seamstress had made sure Misty was accompanied by her cats, the stars, and the moon,
All on a masterful dress that was sure to make anyone swoon.


It's not just a day to rhyme, but it's also a day to give thanks. In other words, it's time for Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

As always, Thimble is here to express her gratitude. What is she thankful for? She's thankful for sunshine, bright and shiny window seats, and the way she glows in glamour shots.

Thimble's also grateful for how cute she is when she yawns.

No wonder Thimble yawns every time I pull out the camera. She knows it makes for a downright adorable shot. Well, at least it usually does.

Thimble hopes you think she's cute, and that the last shot there doesn't scare you. She promises she's really adorable. This mom of hers can verify that.


Last but not least, how about the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge? Ellen of 15andmeowing crafted up the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I almost _________.

2. I finally _________.

3. I find _________ very interesting.

4. I have my doubts about _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Did you know?

Yawns are often attributed to feelings of fatigue, but did you know they are actually much more than that? In humans, cats, dogs, and a number of other species, yawns are a way of dispelling carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the body. Therefore, when a human, cat, or dog's body is in need of removing CO₂ and taking in oxygen (O₂), a yawn often occurs in order to achieve that. Though that is a very important purpose of yawns, a cat or dog yawning can also have other meanings.

Yawning can be behavioral. If a cat or dog is happy and relaxed, they might very well yawn, just like a happy and relaxed cat or dog might stretch. Have you ever gotten home from work and your excited kitty or pup greeted you with a stretch and a yawn? That's because they're content. On the other hand, dogs and even cats might also do what's called displacement yawning. This is when they yawn, or even do other displacement behaviors, that seem out of character for the situation. To further explain this, if a dog or cat is stressed or anxious, such as when a timid animal is at the vet, they might yawn in order to help calm themselves. Similarly, some experts speculate that, like humans, cats and dogs might also yawn if they are bored.

How about one more explanation for those yawns? Cats and dogs might let out a yawn if they are feeling sleepy but want to stay awake. If they start nodding off but find a nap inappropriate for the time being, they might yawn to snap themselves awake. This can work because yawns bring in more oxygen, which signals the brain to wake up.


Pam and Teddy said...

Oh what a perfectly PERFECT poem today with an accompanying PERFECT doodle.....your poem added the bonus of cats which made it even more magical. Thanks for always writing the most wonderful of story poems for Thursdays. You do that better than we EVER could!!! Thimble does look very sunny in her photos today. Sparkling like the stars even though it's not night - that's a talent kitties have when sitting in the sun.

Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

Catscue said...

I love the poem! Thimble, you are a cute-a-palooza of cuteness!

Eastside Cats said...

Your poem/story reminds me of a beloved sweater from years ago; it was deep blue, with stars and moon knitted in!
As a child, my mother sewed most of our clothes; with six of us, she did what she had to, to make ends meet. She knitted our mittens, hats and scarves too.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Thimble, you are cute as a button. It sounds like your mom is just as creative as you are! And I didn't know these facts about yawns at all!

messymimi said...

Love your rhyme, and Thimble!

pilch92 said...

I LOVE this poem and drawing. It is one of my favorites of yours ( of course, I have many favorites). Thimble is a cutie. And those are interesting facts about yawns. I look forward to your answers tomorrow. XO