Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

We are so happy it's Thursday. Not only is it the eve of Friday, but it's also a day full of fun and thanksgiving. First up, we have the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge, hosted by Angel Sammy and Teddy.


This week brings us to the penultimate letter of the alphabet. That is, the letter Y. So, who do we have for you to meet today?

Yang the Yoga Instructor

Do you have a favorite yoga pose?
Can you touch your toes to your nose?
No, you say?
Stretching makes your muscles fray?

If this thing called yoga brings you pain,
You really must seek the help of good sir Yang.
He can teach you how to contort,
For yoga is his greatest sport.

Yang the Yoga Instructor knows every pose out there,
Like the mountain, the boat, and even the bear.
Yang might teach you to act like a dog,
And he even might make you look like a frog.

 If you need to get up and stretch,
Yang the Yoga Instructor is the one you should fetch.
He is flexible as flexible can be,
Even when he's posing like a tree.

As always, our poem today was inspired by a real life Yang. To visit him, just lick there on his name! And, of course, here is a little doodle we created for Yang the Yoga Instructor.

Today we were going to share another doodle in our Tails of Tiny Tim series, which honors specially abled furbabies. But, then we decided that we didn't want Yang the Yoga Instructor to have to share his doodle with another. So, stay tuned tomorrow for the next doodle in our Tails of Tiny Tim series!

Next up is little lady Thimble, who is taking part in Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Thimble is grateful that she recently had a nice window gazing session at the front door.

Even if the already filthy window kept fogging up and making visibility questionable, Thimble still enjoyed keeping tabs on her domain.

All of us here are also so grateful for all of our blessings. We are thankful to have each other, for our health, for our family, and for all of you wonderful friends.

Have a terrific Thursday!

Our Tip of the Day:
Our last tip for Pet Diabetes Awareness Month is to schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian. Even if your furbaby's diabetes has been under control for a prolonged period of time, or even in a potential case of diabetic remission, it is still wise to schedule regular vet visits. Regardless of how long a cat or dog has been living with diabetes, regular bloodwork and urinalyses, for example, are very important for monitoring their overall health and status. Bloodwork such as frucotsamine checks can help reveal if blood sugar has indeed been staying steady over a longer period of time, as a fructosamine test can indicate the average blood glucose level over the span of the past 2 or 3 weeks. This is beneficial as it gives a broader view of diabetes regulation, far more so than just a single-moment blood glucose check. In addition, regular urinalyses can help check for glucose or ketones in the urine, or for signs of UTI, which are often more common in diabetic cats and dogs. Just as always, it is better to be safe than sorry, so never forget the importance of regular vet visits.


Eastside Cats said...

Why yes, that *IS* Yang! Great doodle (have I told you that I love your doodles?), and terrific post!

Sandee said...

Love the poem. Very nicely done.

Looks like some kitty had a great time looking outside.

Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. ♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

Yang is super cool and so is window watching! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

da tabbies o trout towne said... lee grate job on Yur Y poem......yang iz one total lee kewl dood N sew iz hiz sisturr yin !! ♥♥♥☺☺

Lone Star Cats said...

Luv da poem and doodle - all us cats are expert yogis!

Cathy Keisha said...

Yang is a very handsome and flexible kitteh. Thimble, tell your human to stop fogging the window.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I was just reading about cat yoga!

pilch92 said...

I love your Yang poem and drawing. Cats are excellent yoga masters :) Thimble is such a cutie. Great tip too. May I suggest you do some heartworm tips, after my scare with Sammy, I hope to spread the word so no one else has to worry.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...
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Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thimble we are so glad you got some window time. It was very foggy this morning and rainy this afternoon so it was pretty boring outside our windows. Yang's doodle is purrfect for him and we LOVE the poem. Although MOL MOL this is too funny last night all us cats were in bed waiting on Mommy and Yang was bathing and he um fell off the bed. Only Yang could fall off a flat surface.

meowmeowmans said...

We loved your poem about Yang. And that drawing, too! :)

Thimble, you look great as you watch over your domain. What did you see through that fog?

Anonymous said...

What a SUPER poem for Angel Sammy's Poetry Challenge - Yang is a PERFECT "Y" GUY! Thanks for doing poems with us every week - we'll see how photo poems go when we start the alphabet up again in a couple of weeks.

Hugs, Teddy

The Island Cats said...

Yang is doing the downward dog! Or should that be downward cat?? Love the poem!

M Dawson said...

Happy Thankful Thursday to you Thimble AND to the amazing elastic Yang the Yoga instructor!!!

Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew.