Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Toesies Tuesday

Two certain furbabies around here teamed up for today's Toesies Tuesday shots.

I'm going to pretend Thimble and Astrid really were cuddling in these photos, and that they weren't just shoving and fighting each other for the window seat.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Tuesday

For today's flashback doodle, I honestly was simply curious to see what I was scribbling up this time last year. It would seem last August I was doodling cats and books. What a shocker.

Did you know?
Did you know that polydactyly is more common in cats than it is in dogs? In other words, it's not terribly hard to find cats with more toes than is considered normal. That being said, though it's less common, it is also possible for dogs to have extra toes, and there are even certain dog breeds that more often display this feature. Dogs are like cats in that, in a typical case, they have five toes, including a dewclaw, on each of the front paws, as well as four toes on each back paw. Dogs with an abnormal amount of toes might have dewclaws or other extra toes on the rear paws, or even double dewclaws on the front or back paws. Polydactyl cats still remain more common in general, though, and people like Ernest Hemingway can even be thanked for promoting a keen interest in these types of felines.


The Island Cats said...

What a nice contrast of toesies.

Eastside Cats said...

Sometimes, when I am reading a book, certain cats will jump up and play pawsies with my flipping pages!

messymimi said...

They look like such friendly paws, and i'm sure they are when the windowseat is not involved.

Even though it's more common in cats, we've never had a polydactyl, although the shelter has had one or two.

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thimble and Astrid together for Toesies Tuesday. We know that they were sharing the window seat together and no fighting was happening. These are just some great photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals

The Swiss Cats said...

Pretty toesies ! Purrs

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Awww, too sweet. And that doodle is cozy overload! So you know I love it :)

pilch92 said...

Very cute toesies. And I love the drawing. I had no idea that dogs could be polydactyl.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Definitely looks like cuddling to me ;)

meowmeowmans said...

Well, if you can pretend, so can we! This is SO cute!