Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nurse Tonks to the Rescue

I recently came down with a cold ('tis the season, huh?), and I've been napping it away the best I can. During one such nap, I woke up to a certain nurse of mine keeping me company.

That there was certainly a welcome sight to wake up to. Tonks loves nothing more than to snooze on my legs while I nap. I won't complain about that one bit.

Happy Tuesday to all!

Doodle of the Day

Today's Thanksgiving doodle is another one starring my angel Rosie.

Tip of the Day

Today's Pet Diabetes Awareness Month tip is to know and understand symptoms of and potential treatments for diabetic complications such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). As we mentioned yesterday, hypoglycemia might result from a cat or dog failing to eat, and especially if they are still given insulin even when not eating, their blood sugar can drop dangerously. Hypoglycemia can result in any number of symptoms, which might include increased appetite, vomiting, rapid breathing, lethargy, and difficulty walking.

One quick trick to potentially help a hypoglycemic cat or dog in an emergency is to have honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, or some form of sugar syrup available. Rubbing a sugary substance such as one of these on a hypoglycemic animal's gum line or in their cheeks can help to raise their glucose to a safer level. Of course, discuss with your veterinarian any questions you have regarding hypoglycemia and reversing it. Also alert your veterinarian of any hypoglycemic events your furbaby has, so that better diabetes management can be achieved. What's more, get a hypoglycemic furbaby to the vet as soon as possible, if needed.


The Island Cats said...

We bet Nurse Tonks will have you feeling better in no time.

Brian's Home Blog said...

That's a very cute nurse! I hope you feel all bettter soon.

Eastside Cats said...

That sight upon waking would make everything feel better!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

What a precious little doll! They make the best nurses, don't they? Hope you're feeling better very quickly.

pilch92 said...

Nurse Tonks is such a cutie. I like the drawing too. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of KaTwo. XO

meowmeowmans said...

Aww, good job, Miss Tonks. You are a very good nurse kitty.

I, too, have a cold. Nurses Ava and Gracie have been taking care of me.

Feel better soon!

Pam and Teddy said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to have your own personal nurse taking care of you! Hopefully your cold won't interfere with your eating your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.......maybe your nurse could have a sample too?

Hugs, Teddy

Marg said...

Good girl Tonks, for taking good care of your Mom. We know she appreciated that a lot. Happy Wednesday to all of you.